I work in a freezer; is it safe for me to water fast long-term?

I’m currently working a quasi-full-time job doing mild to somewhat heavy labour stocking shelves at a grocery store. I work in the cooler section and spend a lot of time in the freezer as well. I wear two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves and a hooded sweater, but I still get pretty chilly while working. :snowman_with_snow:

Is it safe for me to fast while working in cold temperatures? Beyond electrolytes, what other measures can/should I take to keep working safely while fasting? I should be able to get past keto flu before my next shift, but I’m worried about maintaining the fast long-term without feeling too faint to work or possibly even getting a cold.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. :hearts:


Hard labor can be difficult for fasting but it can also be great! It really just depends on how your body tolerates it. I use to work in a large scale kitchen that also had a cooler/freezer position. It was a bit on the expensive side but the woman I worked with had microwaveable/heatable gloves, hats, and socks. She also had some sort of electric heated jacket. The freezers she was working in were usually -40 or -50 degrees and she’d spend the majority of the day in them.

I dislike the cold - but the intensity of your labor could be a deal changer (not breaker) for me personally.

You can fast on days off. There’s OMAD too. Or something like a 16:8 during working days.

Much of fasting is cutting out snacking and the number of insulin spikes over the course of a day.

You can get all the calories you need for a day in one meal, and if you get yourself into the low carb route it will make longer bouts of no food easier and can make daily steady fat burning easier. It can take a few days to get revved up in fat adapted.

I’m in Florida and we just started cooling off from summer and I am chilly this morning and it’s 81 degrees. LOL.