I feel like i made my situation worse

Hi all,
My detox symptoms have just been too severe. Also I did this completely alone and while I think it can be done, if you have severe health problems the detox symtopms can be quite severe. I actually even think I made something I was trying to heal worse. I will be taking a break for definate tomorrow to work out my next steps and possibly re try again. I think if you are incredibly sick to act like someone who is well is simply not a good idea. You need to do things gradually. I am pleased I am taking a break tomorrow and then will re start again either the next day or when I have taken a sufficent break. I am proud of what I did but today was so horrific words can’t describe it. I did the hardest one. I also decided to do the hardest one along with a brutal soup fast and nothing else which was quite extreme considering my health problems. It really took it’s toll on me today,