How to Start an Accountability Thread (Click Here)

To start an accountability thread, simply make a free account on the forum here under “Accountability Buddies” then click “New Topic” and put a cute title or start date or goal like:

  • “14 Days of OMAD starting July 1st”
  • “7-Day Water Fast starting July 1st”
  • “6 weeks of ADF”

Then post the link in the Facebook Group to ask others to join you!

Bookmark this page and save to your “Home Screen” to come post and hold yourself accountable every day like a journal!

That way the community is OPEN for everyone, no group chats/fully inclusive/everyone welcome & no negativity by dealing with being “kicked out” of group chats etc. :sparkling_heart::clap:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face:

Remember our community is all about helping each other out, motivating each other, being inclusive, encouraging, uplifting, kind, judgement-free and positive and EVERYONE will always be welcome!!! :heart_eyes: