How To Overcome Nausea?

I am on my 6th day of water fasting. 3rd day was the worst, no energy the whole day, and constant nausea, I spent the whole day in bed, slept 48h practically. 4th day I could still read something, but not for too long as the mental effort depletes your energy very quickly and you end up going for a nap every couple of hours, and nausea still there, not as strong as the 3rd day though. 5th day was alright, I could spend most of the day reading, but feeling tired, not being able to focus properly, a little bit of nausea. 6th day (today), when I woke up I had a very bad taste in my mouth (from the 4th day onward the bad taste was there too, which contributes to the nausea), and after 10min or so, I felt an acute nausea that would not go away, I even start dry heaving. So I squeezed an orange and mixed in a glass of water, that made the nausea go away in 2 min (this was 6 am), I was able to keep reading my book til 10am, at this time fatigue kicked in and I went to sleep, now it is 12:30pm, I feel a bit rested but I can feel the nausea coming again, this is hard. I am going for at least 21 days.

Any tips to lessen the nausea to bearable levels, or it is impossible?

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I really don´t mind the headaches, feeling weak/tired, but the dreaded nausea is what is making this difficult… If it wasn´t for it, this would be easy, cause I don´t feel hungry at all.

I went out and bought ginger and coconut water.

I read that chewing on a tiny piece of ginger might help nausea, and coconut water is a natural organic electrolytes beverage,

9th day, nausea finally stopped (for now at least)

Hi Robert,
I’ve been reading your posts and am interested in what you’re saying about Shelton and Ehret. I’ve downloaded some of their books and am encouraged by their views on fasting, particularly Sheltons. Are you aware of any modern day fasting proponents? Ehret was writing nearly 100 years ago and Shelton not much more recently. Surely our knowledge has advanced since then? Jason Fung is the only one I know of and he doesn’t encourage long fasts. I really want to research the post-fast part. Ehrets fruitarianism is not something I’m interested in. Having been severely insulin resistant for years, the last thing I need is to be inhaling is fruit…
Anyway, thanks for reading. Cheers,


Even Ehret stopped recommending long fast, but the reason for it is that he feared that extremely sick people could die from the fast if attempting to do it solo, the reason being that the body starts to dissolve stored toxins too fast in the blood stream if doing long fasts, and if you eat the wrong foods to break the fast it would increase the chance of death, one example in his book tells us about a man that fasted for a month or two, don´t remember, and broke the fast with boiled potatos. This created a glue like substance that completely constipated his intestines and he had to go to surgery to remove the blockage, and died.

For relatively healthy person it is safe. The less you eat, the more you live.

Now, what is the problem of this being written 100 years ago? It just shows that they already knew the source of all diseases: diet. If you read the books you will see that the same problems of today were present there too, but today is even worst. Isaac Newton came up with a bunch of laws of physics that he came up with over three centuries ago, are they not valid?

You have insulin problem because of diet: starchy fatty foods, nothing to do with fruits, sugar… Everything you eat turns to glucose in the end, by eating fruit you are giving your body the purest fuel and super easy digestion, does not require much energy at all to absorb… Eating only fruits and doing short fasts will surely cure you.

So this will be a problem to you, because the human being is a frugivore being, your natural food is fruit. It is your decision to deviate from this law, but this will manifest as diseases and shorten your lifespan.

It doesn´t make sense to endure fasting periods to clean your body, if at the end of it you gonna fill up on crap again.

A more recent book on fasting to add to your list “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook”

One book I discovered recently but still haven´t read “The Sunfood Diet Success System”, looks interesting

Thank you for your thoughts, Robert. I admit that, emotionally, I prefer a vegetarian diet. It is possible that when I’ve eaten veggie/frugivore in the past, I’ve also eaten sugary crap and it may be the crap that caused the cravings and not the rest of my diet. At any rate, I’ve been strictly keto for several years in an attempt to keep the sugar monster at bay.
I am absolutely terrified of developing cancer (both parents died of it) and have been searching for the best way to avoid it for years. This fear has kept me keto as it’s the only way I’ve found to control the sugar binges (cancer feeds on sugar so obviously anything I can do to stop eating it is worth it). On the other hand, living on bacon and cream and cooked meats doesn’t really sound like a healthy diet, either. Add to that I’m still 60 lbs overweight (down from 90 but still obese) and I spend most of my time in a state of anxiety. I don’t want to live like this - I want to be lean, healthy and energetic, and to spend my time and energy thinking about more interesting things than my stupid diet.
My mind is open and I will certainly consider a raw food/fruit diet. I just don’t want to get dragged into the sugar binge cycle again.
And no, of course there’s nothing wrong with old wisdom. I just figured someone else might have studied the subject recently and been able to add to it. I’ve downloaded the first book you mentioned (thank you) and will have a look at the second, too.
Let me know if you’d like to take this conversation off list. Are you able to use private messaging yet?
Again, thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate your taking the time to reply.

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