How do you feel about OMAD? - It changed my life!

OMAD (One Meal A Day - Intermittent Fasting) is incredible and totally changed my relationship with food! I always thought I had to eat 3 meals a day because that’s how I was taught by society. I realize now that with the abundance of food, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight or even MAINTAIN your weight by following a 3 meals a day lifestyle. By following OMAD for over a year, now I have lost over 70lbs, I feel good! I don’t feel restricted. I can eat almost anything I want as long as it fits in my daily caloric needs. For maintenance I make it fit the calories I need in a day and for weight loss I subtract that number by 500 to be eating at a caloric deficit.

I no longer feel like I have to eat a bunch of tiny unfilling 300 calorie meals 4-5 x a day that makes me lethargic and feeling deprived. Instead I can eat one big delicious, filling meal once a day that keeps me full, and happy until dinner time tomorrow!

How do you feel about OMAD?


I’m concerned that only doing OMAD will cause my body to enter into maintenance mode.

I don’t count calories and don’t agree with a CICO approach, but had rather just focus on my hunger signals and make sure I have enough protein and fat to fill me up.

What I have been doing the past few months is mostly 2MAD (IF), although occasionally OMAD, and ADF. I like the whole concept of throwing in a change to keep my metabolism humming along.


I love OMAD and was naturally doing that at high points in my physical health journey before I ever knew it was a “thing”. For me, OMAD (while eating healthy) helps with my food obsession. When I am eating multiple meals a day, I feel like all I think about is food. I can eat breakfast while planning my lunch and dinner–that’s how much I think about food when I’m eating 3+ meals a day. I can’t enjoy that moment because I’m almost dreaming about the next delicious meal or snack. OMAD frees my mental space up for more productive thoughts AND I’ve also noticed that my cravings and even food choices improve. One other thing, that I literally just realized, is that I genuinely appreciate my food so much more with one meal. For myself, I feel better with OMAD.


I love OMAD. I try to stick to it as often as possible. It’s a great tool for me. I’m using this fast to transition back into OMAD more consistently. I do IF everyday at least 16hrs. My unhealthy cravings have been creeping back in so when this fast is over hopefully they will go away.


My Dr. has me 3 Days out of the week (my choice of days) Water Fasting and on OMAD are rest of the days of the week…
I actually like it because I get to eat OMAD and it fulfills my hunger the rest of my fasting throughout the Day. WE GOT THIS!!!

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:fire::fire: Great! And you have a phenomenal doctor!

How many calories do you guys eat on OMAD?

IMO, Counting calories can get in the way. Just eat enough to fill you up and make sure you get plenty of protein and fat. What you require will be different from anyone else. :muscle:

Hi I am new here. I have been doing OMAD for the past two and a half months and I feel GREAT. The swelling in my feet and lower legs have gone away. I sleep better. I feel more alert. I don’t have reflux anymore. I haven’t been able to get to the doctors to do blood work to see if there is any improvements there.

I started out at 285 lbs. and as of to date I am 253 lbs. I am consuming between 600 & 700 calories per day of LCHF. I am 69 years of age and started pushing weights again to bring some structure back to the muscles, firm them up a bit. I believe that if I hadn’t started getting rid of my visceral fat It would have killed me.