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What is your take on 5 day fasting, then 2 days keto on repeat ?

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I did 4 weeks of this not keto. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are the perfect person to chat with.
What did you eat to break your fast?
And did you have to fight off headaches, malaise, muscle twitching, etc?
And did you have trouble sleeping about 3 days in?
All the best to you and yours

Every week was slightly different.

I did the best when I stuck with just water (no coffee or tea).

I would start Sunday late afternoon around 3:30 and go to Friday 3:30.

Friday light refeed, bone broth, avocado, light stuff.

No eating schedule per say on Saturday. Would have my morning coffee with cream. Then mostly low carb. Fish, my own bone broth soup, etc.

Sunday could have my coffee again and leftovers. Then cut the eating by 3:30.

So 5 days (hours worth) of fasting but juxtaposition so I actually ate 3 days.

Lost 2.5-3 lbs fat every week.

Scale went up on weekends but would quickly drop and go lower by Friday. Sometimes Saturday would show more dropping.

It takes focus to keep restarting.

Currently I’m working on a 21 day fast. I’m on day 5 but don’t even feel like I started yet as the 5 day thing became common.

After 4 weeks I had some hormonal interruption and struggled a bit with mixed up fasting - but all worked out and it’s good to mix things up once in a while and keep the body guessing.