Help Please - Super slow loss/plateau day 30 of 45 day fast

New to the forum but not new to extended fasting. Am currently on day 30 of a 45 day fast. Previous fasts have been any where from 3, 5, 7, 10, 17 and 21 days so have some experience to draw on. Have been tweaking my approach each time to improve fasting experience and ability to continue to work etc.

I noticed a difference this time in that I didn’t seem to drop as much water weight at the beginning of the fast like I had on previous occasions. I had been having issues with edema in ankles and fingers and so wondering if there is a water retention issue.

Over the last 9 days I have only lost 2.5 lbs but scale keeps going up and down the same 2.5 lbs.

Inches are coming down, but again more slowly than usual.

I am supplementing with electrolyte tablets, a multivit, vit d, magnésium, calcium, chromium picolinate, and occasionally ox bile and dandelion extract for water retention.

Wondering if the fact that weight loss/inch loss is so much slower is due to age ( am late 40sand likely perimenopausal) and reduced metabolism or something else. I feel great and continue to work and go out and do all regular activities with no issue re energy or side effects but wondering if there is anything I can do to up my fasting game.
I have about another 15 days to go until I reach original goal of 45 days but may continue if haven’t met weight loss target.

Any ideas on how to speed things up- maybe the supplements are messing things up? Or is it a case of just carrying on and hoping the plateau will break at some point?

I’m new to the forum too and I have very similar issues. As a matter of fact, I’m in my early 40s and I just came off my menstrual cycle and gained 4 pounds. I am sure it is water retention due to hormones, but I have yet to drop that weight. I’m getting scared that something is wrong or I’m doing something wrong. I’ve been exercising a bit too, nothing too strenuous, just using my “Infinity Hoop” for 30 minutes daily.