Gaining weight while water fasting?

Has anyone else ever experienced weight gain while water fasting? This happens especially if I drink water or work out during my fast. I typically have to severely limit my water intake during my fasts and I sprinkle in several days of dry fasting (if it’s a long fast).

Is it a pure water fast for over 24 hours?

It’s impossible to gain fat.

Also how intensive are these workouts?

Yes, just a simple long-term water fast (up to 30 days). No supplements or electrolytes or anything. Just water.

The workouts vary. I used to do a 30 min jog but I have cut off all exercise during my fasts now.

How old are the batteries in your scale?

Also, maybe water retention for your cycle?

If you are in your second or third week of water fasting it might just be a little water retention. As the fast progress less weight is lost per day, I foresee loss of about 1/2 a pound per day in the second half of my 21 day fast. In the first few days it was at 2 pounds a day. Thus a little bit of water retention might hold/up the scale for a day or 2?
I exercise lightly every second day and it does cause a variance in my water and weight :slight_smile: