Freezing freezing cold

Hello everyone! hope your all still growing strong!

My question is, is anyone freezing freezing cold and why? Is that a sign or normal?

Question two- I went to see a hygienist and was quite upset to find two white spots on my gums on one tooth which is difficult to bite on. I do chew on gum which i do spit out to get rid of bad breath. I am on day eight. Has anyone been through that before? It did not have anything to do with my fast but since we are all well read here does anyone know what I should do? I regret going now but they were in a very very bad state and didn’t know what else to do.

Third question- if you are trying to swallow vitamins which you have to take for health reasons how do you do so if you struggle to swallow? I used to do it with food.

Does the liquid of a vegetable break your fast? so like boiling a vegetable and just drinking the water?

Thanks everyone.