Feeling very down and depressed and upset

Didn’t get much sleep. Day not going too well. I bent down to pick something up and when I got up nearly fainted. How do you deal with dizziness and feeling down and lifted when life challenges come u. We all face challenges in life. How do we deal with this while also doing this. I felt sick at the taste of my drink even though usually I love it- cocoa which cheers me up. I even added a little milk based on millions of doctor videos I watched which said it was ok. I usually enjoy this drink. All drinks are making me sick and quite frankly I feel ill. I went down the stairs. When I came back up I thought i was going to have heart attack. I was shaking. I am so cold I feel like an ice rink.

can anyone advice on how to deal with dizziness and feeling out of breath. Also feeling very depressed when alone. How about the freezing cold part. Normally a nice food cheers me up especially when alone. Not having that is pushing me to my core :slight_smile: I am day 11.

Thank you x