Feeling Nauseous/Queasy during Water Fast

I’m currently 91 hours into my fast and I found that this time around my tummy has been a bit queasy. What helps is brushing my teeth which makes me feel a bit better but I’m wondering does anyone here chew gum as they fast? Or is that a nono?

Any gum has bad sugar in it, raising your insulin level slowing down weight loss

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Sugar-free gum is worse due to the sugar substitutes used.

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Thank you @Tenax and @Compdude! OK, helpful to know.For the queasiness I’ll stick to tea.


Hi. What if we chew something like that: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sugarless-Falim-Plain-Pack-Pieces/dp/B0054E70GY ? It has no calories, fat, sweetener in it. Or is it the chewing motion that sends certain signals to brain so our body think we’re eating? Thanks in advance.

I am also suffering with dreaded nausea, it even makes it hard to drink water, after a couple of sips some gag reflexes already start. And my water is very pure, reverse osmosis water.

As you mentioned, brushing the teeth helps a bit, but after 30min or so the nausea starts to kick in again.

What also helps a bit is squeezing a lime into your water, or an orange. Coconut water also is helping keep the nausea at bay, and it is a very good organic minerals souce (the fruits too).

I checked my tongue and the white coating still there, it is a sign that the fast wasn´t broken, the flushing of toxins wasn´t halted (as explained in Arnold Ehret´s book), otherwise it would have gotten pink and clean again, and the nausea wouldn´t come back, and the bad taste in mouth would also have been gone. It is weird because I get a constant sweet taste in my mouth, mixed with the bad taste… This contributes to the nausea too.

If it wasn´t for this, this would be piece of cake, as I don´t feel hungry at all.

As I’ve said before elsewhere, I came out of a northern tier state.
Most of my life I rarely ever drank water.
On an empty stomach, it would make me nauseous.
I always drank milk with food.

Now we squeeze wedges of lime, lemon, orange, and tangerine , even pineapple into our glasses of drinking water to flavor it making it much more palatable and easy on the stomach.