Fasting and Acne

Hello, is there anyone, who has bad, but not really worst acne and a lot of purple marks? How long did it take to get rid of acne and scars? I’m water fasting for 6 days now and one of those days I was dry fasting. I got some acne at 3, but it’s like 4 pimples but really big and maybe one cystic pimple (I’m not specialist). I feel my skin is really soft but marks stays and acne is still here. I want to go for 10 more day of water fasting and if it doesn’t get better, I will continue.

And what do you think, is it better to do water fasting or should I switch to dry fasting for 2-3 days and then continue?

Thanks for your help

You can do whatever fasting you want; but, Yas and I don’t recommend it dry fasting as there is no scientific research that justify the additional risk over water fasting.

With that said you may want to search the journals of other members. Unfortunately, I can’t help since I don’t suffer from that issue.

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Hi and welcome to our fasting community. There is a guy on youtube- his name and the channel is Rob Stuart, he has a lot of videos on healing skin conditions etc. You will need to build up to 21 days fast for real improvement. Check out his channel and decided how you want to do it. Hope this helps. I also don’t recommend dry fasting.


You can try using Essential Oils if you have acne and want to get rid of it. Lavender oils are very efficient, though you can find other ones there. They help to smooth your skin and get rid of all the scars.