Fast Into FALL

Hey All!

Just finished a refeed which was followed by an indulgence weekend and ready to start some things to shuffle it up for the next 77 days.

Join on in with your plans if you think you’ll be doing some regular weekly fasting through out the rest of summer.

This could be a good challenge thread for you if you also if you are looking to build yourself up a weekly progression, IE: 24 hours week one, 36 hours week two, 48 hours week three etc…

My current plan is 4.5 fast days during the week and refeed 2.5 on the weekends. Also want to limit my feeding windows on these days.

I’m starting with this and will see where it takes me after 3 weeks. At that point I’ll either stick with it or perhaps plunk in a few extra fast days if I don’t feel progress. If the progress is on track I’ll be sticking firm.

Looking to get some autophagy hours racked up as well.

Goals: Get weight down to 177
Get BMI down to 27
My size 16 shorts fitting loose
50 fasting days completed

Goals/Milestone Date: September 22nd.

Set some goals - could be inches, lbs, or even a certain number of fasting days under your belt.

I’ll be practicing strict water only and electrolytes on my fasting days.

Upon completion of a successful challenge my award to myself will be a zipper up the front hoodie on the forum :heart:

Currently in 21:53 hours.


I am in!

Your idea of building up on a weekly progression is a wonderful idea!!

Need a challenge after the feast I had this week for daughter’s birthday.

Will start today around 8-9pm.

Short term goal: complete 24 hours this week. And continue with OMAD diet. And maybe progress to 48 hours next week???!!!
Long term goal: get down to 150 lbs.

Current weight: 166.8 lbs.


@Van YaY!

Yes! Let me know what days you start going longer.

How long is your current eating window?

I got some good traction started with that other fast, and decided to keep it going.

I’m not feeling ready for OMAD yet. I kinda have a reverse plan going on. And going to take advantage of the hot weather. Too hot to be cooking every night.

I have a funny story about last Fall.

I went up north for what was supposed to be a week. Went to go to an event and visit a friend.

Her boyfriend who lives with her had been waiting 10 years for a kidney. One came in on my visit, and my girlfriend had to travel for work so I wound up staying 2 months to help out.

Any way, I’d only brought shorts and it was snowing before I left. I was running to the thrift store for clothes and was putting on lots of weight. Got home finally and everything was tight. So I need to get down a bit more so stuff will fit.

Today I’m back to 204.
Somewhere in the 170’s will be delightful.

Had a headache but it’s almost gone. Thinking I’d be wise to try and keep things low carb on the weekends or I may wind up with a weekly headache.
I’m in 42 hours for this week so far. Doing 4 days this week and will do 5 next week to catch up.


I will log in as often as I can to keep myself accountable.

And will let you know when I can go longer than 24 hours. My eating window is usually around 5-6pm but sometime, I take longer to eat so my eating window can sometime be a 3 hour window. I literally sit at my table or couch and eat for 1-3 hour straight… !

I am feeling somewhat depressed due to being stuck at current weight. And do NOT want to spiral out of control and give up again.

My summer schedule (going up north every weekend) is making it difficult for me to stick to my diet.

Watched Yasemin’s video again and have reached out to her re: Zoom meetings. I need to get past this… one way or another. I am going to reach my goal.


@Van I am a very slow eater as well. I’m the last one still eating when I dine out and my friends know a lunch out will take a couple of hours.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


Checking in! Started 24 hr fast today at 8pm! I can do this! :muscle:


Good morning and happy Thursday!

I’m back down to 202 this morning.

About 61 hours in of 96 for this week.

This morning I’m on a mission when the stores open. A new experience.

Going to get the chicken feet from the store and make the broth. Apparently it has the most collagen and I probably need that. Going into the crock through to Friday night when it’s refeed weekend. Found a nice simple recipe.

This is a super tight schedule. I’d love to be able to have a piece of fish on Sunday nights. Not sure I’ll be ready. Have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of broth soups in my future. Avocado, steamed veggies, and maybe butter lettuce. And oh, mushrooms. Gentle yet meaty in the broths. Watermelon is so good now as well. Had bought one last weekend and never got to it so that sucker is getting cut up and into the fridge tomorrow morning.

Stocking up on the Pellegrino knock off from Aldi. I can do a bottle a day of that during the week. The glass bottle water just hits my pallet so much better than the plastic crap.

We had a juice shop a block away and she closed down during lockdown and won’t be reopening. Sad about that as I would have started going. So I’m debating on a cold press juicer but feeling guilty about that.

Just want to make sure I’m getting optimum nutrition on the weekends.

I’m very awake but I think I slept wrong as I have a baby headache. Might need to hit up the chiropractor.

@Van here is a song for you


Thanks for the song!!!

Wished you lived close to me, would have lent you my juicer that I rarely use!!!

Good luck on the new experience with the chicken feet. Tell me how it goes!!!

I am 18 hours in, 6 more hours to go to complete 24 hours!!! I can do this!!! :muscle:

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@Van I just looked, 2 hours! I’m so rooting for you! Woot!

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Thank you @Miramar!!!

I did it!!! I made it to 24 hours with NO obsession with food. AND I was completely productive today.

Going to aim for 48 hours this coming Sunday evening.



Feeling good today. Broth cooking all night and finally getting a golden color.

Back in ONDERLAND today! I know this is going to toggle a bit. On the fence about eating tonight.


I have a watermelon but it’s not in the fridge yet and holding off to cutting it open.

7 hours to go for this week’s challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:


Logging in my hours.

@Van what time are you starting Sunday night? I may start again with you then.


Hi guys! I’d love to start with you guys on your plan as well! I’d Love to lose about 10lbs by September as well. Currently I’m on day 3 of water fast which is the first ever for me!!! But I want to continue to 7 days if possible then maybe do refeed then do 48hrs each week. I’d Love to be in your life app group to stay accountable! I can start a group and you guys add to the group?


Hi @Alliekal!


I don’t have a group in that app lol but happy to join your group. Tell me what I need to do. I just use it as a timer and for tracking.

I’m in refeed again today and jumping back into fast either Sunday night or Monday morning.

I had watermelon last night - so flipping good with the heat in Florida.

My treat today is coffee with cream this morning!

Bone broth soups, some pickles, and yogurt today. Hopefully can work my way up to a piece of fish for tomorrow before jumping back in.


@Miramar, starting my 48 fast on Sunday around 8pm. This will give me time to eat my last meal on Sunday before I start this fast!

I am so pumped and excited! Even set my alarm to remind me to start!

Congrats on entering ONDERLAND!!! You are freakin awesome! It’s quite inspiring!!!


@Alliekal, I joined your group on the app!!!

Looking forward to reading your weekly updates on this forum!!!

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I tried something like this 72 hour fasts every week - fat loss and autophagy reasons. For me it made sense however I am yet to pull this off. Ironically today is my first day fasting I have no goal or target. Obviously like many I’d like to say 30 days but easier said than done.

Right now I am 232lbs.
Goal weight 185

Good luck with the journey


@Duscle, check in here weekly to keep yourself accountable!!! We are all in it together! You can do it!!! :muscle:


Awesome I saw!! Yay!!! I’m here to text anytime! So glad we can motivate each other


Yummm your diet plan sounds good so far!

And yes please join! Just go to your LIFE app
Then click on the blue grid square and find my waterfasting group forum , and add!