Did i do wrong after my 72 hour fast


I am a 52 year old male, 5.10 feet and 78 kilos

I ave been internittent fasting since a year and have lost 15 kilos from June 2020. In this year, a few times i went up to 36 hours of fasting

I was a half marathon runner 20 years back and even now can easily do a 10 k and will be able to do a half marathon with 2 month training

So im used to fasting and running ,but i also drink 2 bottles of Rum Or Vodka a month and love to eat every wrong thing i see ( but very little non vegetarian )


On 8,9 and 10 august i did a 72 hour fast which waa surprisingly easy ,on 11 august i refeeded my self with small good meals through the day of soup, fruits, oats


Then like an idiot i made crucial mistakes

On 11 night, 20 hours after my first small meal, i had one drink of rum ( 60 ml ) and some fried food

12 i had a disciplined day , but had mild diarhoeea, which i ignored

Yesterday on 13 night i repeated my mistake of a drink of rum ( 60 ml ) and some fried food

Now i have a bit worse diarhoeea, not to bad, but constant belching and motions. Today on the 14 of August i had banana and pomegranate and water and medicines


(1) From here onwards what do i do and eat ?

(2) My energy levels are low and i have not
gone for a run since a week. What do i do to raise my energy levels

(3) Have i lost the advantages of my fast by having 2 drinks ( i feel like such a bloody fool )

(4) Will this fasting affect my sex drive

Thank you for reading this, please advise me

Kunwar Bedi

Do not beat yourself up Kunwar you were able to complete a 72 hour fast which is not easy !
The hard part with fasting is being consistent and unfortunately it is a mental challenge you have to overcome on your own.
when you refeed i suggest eating “enough” to where you feel full but not stuffed ( so lots of protein and fats) you said you ate a small meal during the refeed.

  1. what you do and what you eat , depends on your goals.
  2. your energy could be low because either your body is slowly getting used to this routine of eating, the fast are too long or your refeed meal.
  3. i personally don’t think drinking during your refeed is bad unless your drinking in excess or it effects you negative then you will have to experiment the amount that doesn’t hurt you.
  4. i havent heard anything about how fasting effects sex drive :thinking: but i guess if your tired during your fast the last thing you have energy for is sex but idk.

Thanks Sundai

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