Dee's Daily Journal

Fasting Day 1

Hello Everyone,

I just joined WFF today and I am so excited to be apart of this fasting community. I am a mom of 20 month old twin toddlers and currently working from home so life is pretty hectic these days. After having the twins on 11/2/2018, it was really a struggle to loose weight and bounce back emotionally to a degree. I also breastfed for 15 months so my cravings were out of this world! I started the keto diet on 12/9/19 and saw some success initially in terms of weight loss and overall mental health which was super motivating but I still felt a bit of a void, health wise, if that makes sense. I discovered fasting at the end of Jan 2020 and did my first 13 day fast leading into Feb. I felt great! I also started running and now I’m up to about 4-6 miles per day. Since my initial water fast, I’ve completed a 5 day fast each month as a bit of a reset but I’m struggling with binge eating post fast and I can’t seem to get past 5 days. I’ve also found myself “cheating” a few times and adding a splash of cream in my coffee and/or chewing gum. I know, horrible!

I found Yasemin on YouTube (such an inspiring woman!) and her videos in addition to reading the stories in this forum have motivated me to try to complete a true 14 day water fast (at a minimum 10 days), no cheating with cream in my coffee or gum, and really reaping the full benefits of fasting.

I am struggling to get to my goal weight of 135lbs, binge eating again, and feel a bit of fogginess in my head. I know the benefits of fasting are insurmountable and I would like to be emotionally and physically available for my wife and children for as long as possible. I figure that if I don’t feel like my best self, I can’t teach my children to love themselves to the fullest.

Height: 5’2 1/2
Starting Weight in Dec 2019: 190lbs
Current Weight: 150lbs
Goal Weight: 130-135lbs

Please pray for me!


Good luck on your fasting journey!! You can do it! :muscle:


Welcome! Prayers going up! :pray:t5:

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Best of luck! I’m starting my 21 day at midnight tonight!


Good luck to you!!! You got this!

Day 2

CW: 147.8

I ran 1 mile this morning and walked 2 miles because I noticed from previous fasts that when I still try to run 4 miles while fasting, after a few days, I feel incredibly weak so I’ll be doing things a bit differently this time to try and save as much energy as possible.

Daily Affirmation - I am strong and capable of accomplishing anything that I set my mind to.


Yes, I will gladly pray for you, Dee! And I will be here, fasting with you, I will be doing 3 consecutive 21 day fasts, and am now on my 2nd day, of my 2nd 21 day fast. I am doing a one week re-feed, inbetween, and I would not be surprised if I fasted this time longer than 21 days…but only if it feels right. I am not going to pressure myself. 21 days is quite a lot, and seems a perfect amount of days to me. It is hard, but doable. With fasting, you will soon be at your goal weight, and I highly reccommend Yasemin’s weekly challenges, with daily zoom calls, with pep talks, and sometimes rants (LOL, I love Yasemin’s “rants”.) Keeping a journal here, has helped me to pass the time, too. But I am sure your darling twins keep you soooo busy! I find your goals admirable-to be the best example of self-love and self-care that one can be, for one’s children. And as someone who lost their life-partner from cancer, I can tell you that fasting can help prophyolactically against not only cancer, but other chronic dis-eases. If we can make this a life-style, like you have done, with your 5 days of month water-fasting, it is like having insurance in the bank. I found the documentary, THE SCIENCE OF FASTING (YT), very helpful and life-affirming. In the last 15 minutes of the docu, cancer is discussed. Lastly, I have not read this book, but Yasemin suggests a very good book, to stop binging (she said it is not about fasting, though), called, (I think…), MIND OVER BINGE. I wish ever success and happiness on your journey to your beautiful Self. Much love!


@schmidtsmia Wow! 3 consecutive 21 day fasts! That’s so admirable and amazing and I am bowing down to you right now! Just reading your reply has motivated me to really stick to my ultimate goal and exceed 5 days, aim for 7, and if I’m feeling good, I would love to push to 14 days and possibly beyond. I’m also going to look up this book that you have recommended regarding binge eating because it is something that I struggle with sadly after a fast. I start to think of all of the foods that I have been missing while fasting and can not help myself. It almost feels like an addiction! I am also interested in joining the zoom calls so thank you thank you thank you for these suggestions. Being apart of this fasting community is so rewarding already and it’s only Day 2! I’m also so sorry for your loss.

Blessings to you!


Day 3

CW: 145.2

I walked 3 miles this morning and feel really good! We also did some remodeling in the living room to create more space for the twins to play (an idea that came to mind at 2am when I couldn’t sleep) which really made me feel accomplished before I started working. For some reason I’m craving food this morning and contemplated breaking my fast but I know it’s a short lived feeling that will go away. Thankfully, my wife reminded me that everything I’m craving will be here at the end of my fast so no need to give in to temptation!

Daily Affirmation - I am strong and capable of accomplishing anything that I set my mind to.


Day 4

CW: 143.8

Today I feel pretty good! Last night I definitely battled some cravings and we found out that a friend of ours passed away due to a motorcycle accident so I immediately wanted to turn to food to comfort my sadness. I remained firm, drank some hot tea, and went to bed. I woke up this morning with a burst of energy so I ran 3 miles and did a little weight lifting. I also put a little Himalayan salt in the palm of my hand this morning before drinking some ACV which oddly perked me back up after the run deflated me a bit.

I’ve been in back to back meetings all morning so I need to increase my water intake but I feel hopeful that I can reach my fasting goals and it’s nice to see the scale move down as I know I’m shedding the water weight from my binge last weekend.

Have a beautiful day all!


I really got to go to bed…it is late here. I just wanted to offer you my heartfelt condolences about the passing of your friend. What a shock. And yet you stayed conscious, present and let in the pain, instead of “stuffing” it down with food. I am so impressed, because when I have heart bad news, up to now, I run-and not walk-to the kitchen and seek comfort from food. May your friend be met by God’s holy angels, who will guide him home to heaven. Amen.


@schmidtsmia Thank you so much for your heartfelt words! I needed to read this so much. Heading to bed and Day 5 officially started at 8:03pm so I’m happy that I remained strong another day. This fast is becoming a bit difficult as I found myself thinking about comfort food all evening. Thank you again and have a beautiful night. :blush:


How are you holding up @DeeTabor?

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I’m hanging in there @Shawna_Weekley, 104 hours in, 64 to go! Ever since my 13 day fast at the beginning of 2020, I’ve completed a 5 day fast once every month to reset so I’m so used to breaking my fast on Saturday’s. Trying to push to 7 days or longer is going to be tough because I think my mind is going to want to refeed tomorrow for several reasons even if my body doesn’t. Seeing everyone complete 10, 21, 30, even 40 days is really motivating! How are you?


IF you decide to break your fast earlier than you planned, please be kind to yourself. You were able to ride out the initial pain of having to deal with the death of a loved one, and wow…well, I am sending you so much love, that you were able to feel the pain, without using food to numb out. My only advice is that when you eat, especially during this painful time, to be conscious when you eat anything…take one bite, put down the fork, chew it, and enjoy it. Do not check the phone, watch tv, or read while eating. Take 20 minutes to eat. These are the strategies that have helped me, during my last re-feed. Any amount of fasting is a plus for our body/mind/soul. Whatever you decide to do, IS the right thing to do, at that moment. And all is WELL. Much love, Mary Joy


Thank you @schmidtsmia this is excellent advice! “take one bite, put down the fork, chew it, and enjoy it. Do not check the phone, watch tv, or read while eating. Take 20 minutes to eat.” Thank you!!



I’m okay @DeeTabor. I broke my fast yesterday, because I was having lower back pain due to kidney detoxing. While I know this is normal, it’s a huge strain on the kidneys. Kidney disease runs rampant in my family and is the reason I was born with only one kidney. Stopping my fast early was a difficult decision. I labored over it all day, while the pain continued to get worse. In the end, I broke the fast and had a really clean refeed. I’ve adjust my fasting schedule to do rolling 72 hour fasts because I’ve had lots of success in the past (and no kidney pain) as long as my refeeds are clean. So that’s what I’m focusing on…


My condolence to you regarding the loss of your friend. I think you did amazing on how you handled the situation during the fast. You are awesome!

I would’ve drove to the quickest fast food restaurant and drowned my pain out with food. But you didn’t. And that’s pretty inspiring in itself.

Wishing you all the best of luck and love on this beautiful journey that you are on :heart:


@Shawna_Weekley I am so proud of you for listening to your body!! And even prouder of your clean refeed as this is something that I struggle with. I can understand how difficult the decision must have been because it’s like, once we’ve committed to something, we don’t want to let ourselves down. But, I’m a firm believer in listening to your body, congratulating yourself, and doing what’s best for you so again, I am proud of you! Blessings and I’m so sorry to hear about your kidney pain!


@Van thank you so much! Wow, the support in this group is so over the top amazing and I really do appreciate your kind and encouraging words. You are wonderful! Today is day 5 so hoping to push past to do the full 7. :muscle:t5: