Dealing w/ Wrongful Accusations of Eating Disorder

I’ve done everything in my power to convince my family and concerned others that my desire to water fast is thoroughly rooted in my own scientific literacy, but it seems no matter what I do I am berated with accusations of disordered eating or eating disorder.

There is a catch-22 where I either don’t tell people I’m fasting (in which case I’m being secretive and avoiding people and resembling eating disorder behavior, further warranting accusations) or do tell them I’m fasting and am compelled to cease fasting. It kind of reminds me of mid-20th century accusations of hysteria, where any behavior that deviates from expectations is immediately pathologized and agency is revoked.

I have no history of eating disorder, but have been compelled to engage in riskier behaviors precisely because I had to conceal my intentions to the people around me to fast in peace.

I’m interested if others have had success convincing (1) family members (2) medical teams that one’s own desire to do an extended water fast is thoroughly grounded in the science.

So my family is exactly the same way. They don’t freak out over adf any more. But the moment I mention extended fasting, it’s over. And I brought adf to my Dr and she definitely wasn’t on board. I’m going in for more labs in january. Hopefully there will be an improvement.