Day 1 - Monday, Dec 14th

For anyone starting right now or Monday, December 14th here is your accountability thread!

Post here every day!

How long do you want to fast?

What is your goal (Mental Goal)

What activities/projects do you have planned to keep you busy?

How will you grow from this fast before 2021?


I am starting right now for three days… goal is to achieve til dec 25 and healthy “no more pain”


Started at 6:30pm (UK time) Sunday for 4 days 16 hours. I want to get into deep ketosis for health, mental and emotional strength, and to lose the last few pounds towards my goal of 10 stone (140lbs). I have a ton of books on my Kindle I have been neglecting, and a sewing project I need to finish for my daughter’s 21st birthday in February! Wishing everyone joining the accountability thread strength, well-being, and success :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would like to fast until the end of the year
I hope to concentrate more
I go to college so I think it could be a good distraction


I started today Sunday, 13 Dec 2020. I would like to fast for 19 days until we ring in 2021. I want to start working out 5x a week so I am wanting to shed the weight first, then sculpt my body to my liking through diet and exercise. I’m using this fast to jumpstart a healthy new lifestyle. My birthday is in 70 days and I want to look and feel my absolute best. I’m doing water/mineral water/sparkling water only. I’m excited. The longest that I’ve fasted before was 6 days. I’ll use television, visiting friends, cleaning out my closet, kindle books and social media as healthy distractions. This fast is goal oriented. I’m results driven and today I’m confident.


I’m starting tomorrow and will be doing a 4 day fast to jump start my weight loss journey after the 4 day water fast I will refeed until Sunday and then starting Monday I will start a rolling 48 lifestyle until January 1st.


I started tonight going to do a 48hr fast but my actual plan is to go five days or 48 hr fast and then two days OMAD… I’m 27 picked up soo much weight recently after my third baby… I was never obese before and I’m tired of people calling me fat and fat shaming me I just had about enough!! P. S I don’t like my body either nothing fits​:joy::joy: I’ll be keeping busy with my 3 boys and daily workouts and catch up on some Netflix :+1: Good luck to all on this journey I hope we all reach our goals soon! :pray:And a healthy life :innocent::blush::muscle:… I need to lose 25kgs

I feel you on that
I have a particular cousin that lives 3 hours away from me and every time I have to go up there or she comes down here she always make rude comments “your arms are huge” or “your becoming a whale” its not necessarily the name comments that bothers me its the nerve of her, the audacity, because most of the female cousins around the 24-28 age group have been gaining a lot of weight too including her, not just only me. So I keep telling her “why call me fat your fat too” or “your just as big as I am” its so annoying , even when i used to be skinny she used to give me “you look sick” comments…I try to not to let it bother me but she says it every time I see her, and I try not to see her as much as I can, oh well, if I stay determined and persistent ill be at my goal weight by the beginning of February. :blush:

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Day one today almost in the books in the start of my 14 day water fast. My goal is to lose weight to start the year off fresh. 2020 has been a stressful year and I do not want to bring that negative energy into 2021. I plan on spending time on self care and one-on-one time with my family. Sometimes I am busy, busy, busy cleaning and homemaking that I don’t slow down. I want to snuggle more,laugh at stories and make some new memories.

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Starting tomorrow for a week! I do it for my health, I suffer from sleep apnea and arthritis. My challenge is that working from home, I am surrounded with food​:grimacing: I also am the only one to cook in my family and it’s hard to resist… Reason why I am joining this group​:grin::+1:t5:


i totally feel you on this about the cooking. i’m the only one that cooks, and my husband has to be fed whether or not i want to fast. it’ll be tough.

I’m hoping to at least lose two dresses size by March… I mean even more would be lovely :v::blush:… And good on what u told her lol.,Like can’t people mind their own business and keep their unwanted comments to themself?? Like this one guy that lives with us keeps saying oh u so fat oh are u dieting… I ended up telling him pls worry about your own wife don’t worry about my weight it’s got nothing to do with u! If I’m fat I’m fat if I want to lose weight it’s my business not your’s!! Wish people thought before they spoke… They don’t see how their words can affect the next… P. S his just so fat as well :rofl:

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Started my fast yesterday 5 pm.
My goal is 10 days!! Really need support

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How is your day going so far?

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I was just thinking maybe i should just eat :sob: fasting 21 hrs now. How is your day going?

;p; people can be so delusional . like worry about urself instead of judging or giving hate comments :joy:

its 5am here, woke up early but going back to sleep, fasting is still in in progress ! :blush:

U know what I’m going to be honest it’s so rainy and chilly here in sa and it’s like snacking weather gosh I gave in :blush:… Actually embarrassed… But I just had tea and oat muffins… It sucks… I feel bad /tummy feels good I’m lacking that motivation it’s so difficult when u have to make meals for kids and hubby

Lmao that’s true… And then when u skinny they want to say oh so u don’t eat anymore? Like I don’t eat much and neither do I eat cakes and stuff but I pick up weight I’ don’t know why but what to do

Did u dry omad or TMAD?