Cindy's Journal

Hello, Fellow Fasters!

I am Cindy, 4’11 and currently 144.0 lbs. My family cultures emphasized my body weight/looks throughout my life and heavily influenced the way I saw myself and food. There was a lot confusion, shame, and negative messages about food such as: “A minute on your lips is a lifetime on your hips,” “Should you be eating seconds?”, “Butter/bread/pizza/chocolate is bad for you/going to make you fat,” etc. The second question or comment from relatives after saying “hi” was “you’ve gained weight” or “are you fat or skinny?” (if on a phone call). While on the other hand, food was at the center of many celebrations such as birthdays, holidays, and exclamations of “eat some more!” Needless to say, I have food and body issues.

I have chosen to find my own path to health and find a community that is doing the same. I’ve read research articles on fasting and testimonials of people who have benefited from a fasting lifestyle. Fasting is not new to me. The most of I have fasted were rolling 72 hours/low carb/Keto refeeds. I want more accountability and motivation to help me stay on track! At my current weight, I have noticed a lot of body aches that were not there before (feet/ankles/knees/back), dry and sensitive skin, lack of energy, mood swings, poor sleep, and food addiction. I’m hoping that fasting will improve these symptoms and especially get a handle on my food addiction. Also, diabetes and stomach cancer runs on both sides of my family. :frowning:

Long Term and Short Term Goals:
Long term: get from BMI obese to BMI “Normal”, better relationship with food and my body
Short term: be at a healthy weight range

For the past year or so, I struggled to fast longer than 24 hours. I would get motivated, write down my ‘whys,’ keep a journal and start…but then I had no mental discipline. Food “helps” me when I’m bored or tired. Sometimes I feel irritated or resentful that I’m restricting myself, so I break my fast and say to hell with it. It’s also easier to fast when I live alone and right now I do not.

Anyways, I’m happy to have a fasting forum for support and hope that I can support people on their journey as well! Talk to y’all later :heart: :v:


Welcome Cindy! I hope you like it here. I recognise a lot of what you’ve described (“food makes me feel better”) if that’s any help at all. I have found using a fasting tracker app (Zero is a good one - free) helpful, you might have one already!
Happy fasting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, Michelle! I’ll have to checkout Zero. My phone is running out of storage and it seems like I can’t have a lot of apps on my phone :frowning:

This morning I took measurements, starting weight, and a couple photos to help me track my progress. I will update at the end of today about my fasting experience!!


Neck: 15"
L arm: 13"
R arm: 12.5"
Bust: 38"
Underbust: 35"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 41"
R thigh: 24"
R calf: 15"
L thigh: 23.5"
L calf: 14.75"


Day 1
Affirmations: I’m healthier and healthier everyday in every way. This too shall pass. I can do this.

Morning: It felt like a normal Monday morning. I’m not a breakfast person, so I don’t usually feel hungry until the afternoon. I work at a daycare with school-age children so I’m pretty busy all day.

Afternoon: Tempted to eat during the children’s lunch and snack time. There was an extra lunch with chicken and potato wedges. When my co-teacher asked if I wanted to have it, I politely turned it down. During snack time, the children’s goldfish crackers looked good too. I wanted to eat with them and felt guilty that I was not eating with them. But I realized today that food has nothing to do with making connections with the children or anyone for that matter!

Evening: Right now I have a slight headache and some small stomach grumblings. I love to eat big meals and lots of snacks at night. It has become a habit…time for some new habits.

Besides Yasemin’s YouTube channel, what other YouTubers do you follow?
Other YouTubers I like to follow while fasting:


I can highly recommend Dr Sten Ekberg’s you tube channel. He’s a former Olympic athelete now a dr. He does some great fasting vids. I watch them (or just listen) when I’m wobbling on my fast. He does a good one on how to deal with hunger. He’s good for educating yourself on the mechanics of weight-gain, and fasting :grinning:


Thank you, @Michelle! I’ll be sure to check out his YouTube channel :smile:

11.24.20 Yesterday, I forgot to add that I dry fasted until I came home from work. I was not actually thirsty throughout the day, but I had my water with me just in case. Today I’m going to do the same and see what happens! Now off to work…

Morning weight and keytone strip color:


Day 2

Morning: I did not really sleep last night…just tossed and turned because my neck and back ached :grimacing:. I don’t drink coffee or caffeine drinks in general, so I just try to push through the tired feeling. I felt a slight hunger pang, but it went away after a few minutes.

Afternoon: I did gym games with the kids, so I was actually thirsty afterward! I drank some water, but not very much. Not eating with the kids during snack time went okay. When I thought about eating a snack, I remembered the keytone strip color this morning. It motivated me to continue to fast because I want to see a darker color on the keytone strip soon! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Evening: I felt some hunger pangs when I came home from work, but they have gone away. My sister asked if I was eating today and I told her I was eating on Thanksgiving Day :turkey: :rofl: It’s getting a lot cooler in Seattle and usually I enjoy my comfort foods during this time of year. I tell myself that the food is not leaving the planet any time soon. It will be there when I’m ready to eat! At the moment, I’m staying busy with arts and crafts projects, looking at this forum, and watching movies.

It really helps to look at other people’s journals on this forum to stay motivated and be inspired to fast. So thank you everyone for sharing your journeys! :heart: Happy fasting!


Morning weight and keytone strip color:

Felt a little more hungry this morning, but it was not bad. I was looking up keto recipes for Thanksgiving and will try not to binge on carbs tomorrow haha. But if I have some, then I’m not going to beat myself up over it. So many of you have such positive attitudes and giving yourselves grace if it is not a perfect fasting/re-feed day, so I am going to do the same! I’m on my lunch break right now and logging onto to this forum helps me stay on track :heart:


Day 3
Positive thought: Food is not leaving the planet any time soon. It will always be there and I can eat it when I’m done with my fast.

Morning: A little hungry this morning, but not bad at all. I felt pretty good! Drank some water, so no dry fasting today.

Afternoon: Two people brought donuts to work and they smelled soooo good :drooling_face: :doughnut:. But I did not cave in! When I chased the kids around today I was amazed that my body had a lot of energy. Usually I’m quite out of breath, but today I felt strong. Lots of water during lunch break and still felt hungry, but not bad.

Evening: I’m cooking low carb side dishes and appetizers right now to prepare for Thanksgiving: Brussels sprouts and bacon, deviled eggs, and bacon wrapped jalapenos with cream cheese. I also plan on doing baked brie (without the pastry). Out of habit, I really want to taste everything to make sure it tastes good. I will ask my sister to taste everything instead! I will hit my goal of a 72 hour fast in four hours, but want to break my fast tomorrow. She asked me earlier what I wanted for dinner and I said “I’m eating tomorrow!” Her reply, “Aw $h!t” :joy:

I still feel a low key hunger feeling. It’s not a I-want-to-chew-on-my-arm hunger or hangry feeling. My stomach is not growling, but I’m hungry. It feels…nice? Nice to feel hungry :laughing:. I admit I tend to eat when I’m not hungry! Fasting helps me be aware of true hunger signals and hopefully I will have better habits soon. If I only ate when I was hungry, then I wonder how many times I would ACTUALLY eat in a day (or week)?!

I’m curious how long I would need to fast in order to feel REALLY hungry? I see quite a few journals on this forum where people are fasting for 3-4 weeks! Like, wow people :astonished: Respect :clap:t3:

Welp, this was a long entry. Happy fasting, everyone! Hope you are having a great week. But if not, may I suggest reading some fasting journals, watching successful fasting YouTubers, and “Just keep swimming!” :fish: :muscle:t3: :sweat_drops:(quote from the movie Finding Nemo if you didn’t know!)

We got this :100: :fire::heart:


You’re a fighter! :muscle: great job at getting through the most difficult days for most people. I hope you’ll have a lovely thanksgiving!


11.26.20 Thanksgiving!

Morning weight and keytone strip:

I’m at my parent’s house now and breaking my fast with some store bought bone broth. I’m hoping the pics I took will motivate me to not go crazy and binge today! We’ll see when I take my morning weight and keytone strip tomorrow haha…Happy Thanksgiving y’all! :turkey: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you @Anna! It felt so good to read your comment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!



Morning weight and ketone strip:

I’m very proud of myself today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Weighed myself a couple times to make sure this was my morning weight. The ketone strip color was not surprising due to what I ate and drank yesterday.

I ended up eating one afternoon meal: turkey breast, Brussels sprouts and bacon, jalapeno poppers, roasted peppers, boiled cabbage, Brie cheese, smoked salmon, and deviled eggs. No mashed potatoes, stuffing, or bread. Lots of sparkling apple grape juice. For dessert, I got 1/12 serving of pumpkin pie and 2 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream, but only ate HALF because I was actually full :thinking:?! A part of me wanted to keep eating for the sake of eating because there was more food on the table. But I checked in with my stomach and it was as if it said, “Ummm yeah lady, FULL.” I told myself that I could always eat later if I was hungry and the food was not going anywhere. Towards the evening all I had was a cup of Celestial Seasoning’s Bengal spice herbal tea with almond milk. I had lots of thoughts about eating more of everything, especially dessert! But I was still full, according to my stomach :rofl:. I tried to watch Christmas movies and ignore my “Let’s binge!” thoughts.

Over the past few years, I ate 2 or 3 servings of pie (or anything else) and was so full that my left shoulder hurt. It would be hard to sit down and I’d wait quite awhile for the shoulder pain to go away. Not just at Thanksgiving but during non-celebrations too. Why did I do that to myself? Did I think it was “fun” to eat so much until I was in pain? Or to show appreciation for the food by how much I ate? Did I take pride in being able to eat so much? Being in pain was not fun and in general I would feel gross the next day. But there would be leftovers and I would do it all over again…

Can anyone relate to the image below? I can!!

Talk to y’all later :heart:



Morning weight and ketones:

Yesterday, I pretty much ate the same meal I had on Thursday, but indulged more on pumpkin pie :yum: :pie:. I don’t plan on starting my 72 hour fast until Sunday night, so I’ll focus on ketones next week.

The image below made me giggle because it is cute but also true! This inspired me to make a list of activities that would give me those happy chemicals today: walking on the treadmill, cleaning, putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. I want to create new habits of getting these happy feelings from non-food sources :heart:.

image credit:


Morning weight:

Alright, back at it! Started my fast last night and shooting for 72 hours again this week. However, I will try to push it to 96 or 120 hours.

This weekend I ate more carbs like bagels, tortilla chips, cinnamon rolls…but I don’t feel like I binged like I usually do. I had some but not to the point of finishing whole packages of food. I also did more exercise on the treadmill, so I think that helped a lot as well.

In the past, I would do some kind of diet, lose 2-3 pounds, then gain it back over the weekend. It was so frustrating. I have 3 food journals where you can see what diets I had picked over the years. The biggest obstacle was bingeing! ALWAYS. I’m hopeful that I will curb the binge cycle and develop new habits :crossed_fingers:t3:


I could relate to this Cindy !! We are on our way and can reach our goals, I know it!! I believe in us strong wemon :slight_smile::two_hearts::clinking_glasses::bouquet::four_leaf_clover:. We got this !


Thank you, @Stacia! It felt good to read your encouraging words! I’m kind of hungry today, so your comment helped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :raised_hands:t3:

Second round of fasting/Day 1

Morning: Felt hungry today, but not bad. Good energy!

Afternoon: Ooohh lots of thoughts about eating today and whether I should change my 72 hour fast to an 18 hour fast :rofl:. But I logged onto to this forum during lunch time and y’all motivated me to not cave in!

Evening: Wow, my stomach is grumbling and I feel more hungry. It’s different from last week because I didn’t feel hungry until my 3rd day of fasting? Slight headache and neck ache. Also TMI, but I started my menstruation yesterday, ugh. It’s kind of cold in my apartment and I just want to make hot cocoa and put peppermint spoons in it :weary: NOOO. I’m just going to bundle up and get those cozy feelings from a blanket. MUST NOT CAVE IN :muscle:t3: :100: :fire:

I’m going to distract myself by surfing Pinterest while pretending to watch Saved by the Bell Reboot on Netflix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: