Can you maintain ketosis with OMAD refeed after water fast

Hi all

Have a question. I understand that the best way to maintain ketosis after a fast is with a ketogenic diet. However if we practice an OMAD diet that has carbs will we maintain ketosis after the fast?



Yes you can stay in a low level of ketosis without a keto diet but you have to be extremely careful about what types of carbs you eat. Any refined carbs will kick you right out. Carbs from veggies, nuts, some fruits, and unrefined whole grains are all awesome.

I won’t ever push a diet on anyone. Food is strictly a personal choice and you must discover what is most sustainable for you. I think the most important thing is to just eat whole foods, especially vegetables. Also ask if being in ketosis really what you want. What are your motivations and goals for utilizing ketones as energy instead of glucose? And if ketosis is important to you why not go on a mostly keto diet and plan on having carbs occasionally. Lifestyles must be adaptable.

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You asked the question that has been on my mind. My intial goal was to fast and give my digestion a break so that I could heal my food sensitivity issues. The paln was - Fast - OMAD with slow introduction of foods and repair the gut so that I could enjoy normal foods in small quantities like a normal person.

However now I am in ketosis and it feels great. And after everything I read it seems like the natural transition. However, it will be a bit difficult to fit it my lifestyle. Now, I am just a bit confused on how to go about the post fast plan.

Now that I am writing it, I am thinking of sticking to the original goal. So OMAD and slow introductions of new foods. Its more important than staying in ketosis. I should just extend my fast if I want to stay in ketosis. Thank you for asking the question. Its clearing my mind as I respond.