Brain pinches while water fasting

Hi !
Been fasting for several weeks now and started to develop brain “pinches”. Few a day.
Does anyone know possible causes ? I’m worried it might be due to lack of minerals.

Other than this I’m pretty experienced with water fasting.

thanks, regards

Are you supplimenting the vitals? Or are you just water fasting?
I think I know what you mean, it’s like a sudden localised migraines that’s vanishes as quickly as it comes on?

afaik i take all the base minerals and vitamins. My main daily intake is 5/7.5 grs of 66% diet salt and 33% himalayan salt. I also drink non-caloric multivitamins and iron and magnesium in 3x or 2x daily values.
Hmmm not really migraines, so far up to 10 “punctures” scattered along the brain, every day. Very fast and not quite painful but I’d like to address them as I do with any warning flag.

thxs, regards

Ooo I don’t know then, you should be fine if your on the basics and it sound like you have those handled, not sure if there in excess but I’m sure you’ve done your research.
@Yasemin any insight from yourself??