Blood Glucose went up from 50 to 63 on day 7

I’m doing another water fast to lose some more weight till my body looks like I want it. So far my longest one before has been 10 days. This time I think it may go to about 14 days or so.

My blood glucose usually drops pretty low after four or five days. I bottomed out yesterday at 50 glucose but two days before I was in the 50’s also. Of course I was pretty weak those days but today (day 7) I have more energy and had a glucose reading of 63. I kind of remember before that my blood glucose number goes up after several days also.

My weight loss was significantly higher yesterday too. I went from 144.5 lb to 141 in one day. Usually its around 2 lb or less per day.

I’m thinking perhaps I’m getting fat adapted now. I thought I was before but I guess not? I’ve been doing one meal a day keto type diet previously prior to the fast.