Anna’s Journal 🖤 Post 30 day water fast & refeed

New daily journal:
I’ve made so many attempts to finish my water fasting goal, but I’m not giving up until I finally prove to myself that I’m able to do so much more than I think.
My goal has been to water fast for 30 days since a year back, and the furthest I’ve gone is 10 days.
Right now I’m in day 7 of a new water fast. I started my fast on the day I moved into my new apartment, very far away from where I lived before, and it felt like a good opportunity to have a new start, with a successful fast.
The difference with this fast and the ones I’ve done before is that I’m staying in this place alone, and I have no food at all in my environment. It makes it less of a choice to break the fast, since it would take more energy to walk to the store when I don’t have a car here.
And it might sound weird to fast all through the holidays, but I’m gonna spend my Christmas alone anyways this year so it won’t make a difference for me if I don’t eat. Hopefully I will have more Christmas celebrations in my life to add up for it.

I’ve felt alright for these 7 days, although I have never had this much of a trouble getting sleep. I have never slept great when fasting but I usually got a couple of hours at least. Now I’m happy if I get 2 hours of sleep…
I’m excited to start journaling now again when my head is more clear after all the unpacking!

Happy fasting! :snowflake::santa:t4::heart:


Hi Anna,

Do you have someone who can check in on you daily? Especially at the end of your long fast and when you start your ReFeed? Read about my experience when I ended my 40-day on Nov 30th and you’ll understand my concern.


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Thank you for sharing your experience! If everything goes as planned I will have a room mate from the December 18th here, so I’ll have someone around for the last part of the fast at least. But I’ll make sure to not take any risks if it doesn’t feel safe anymore! For the refeeding part I will be back home again with people around!
Hope your refeed is going well! :slight_smile:

Yes. 2nd day of solid food. Also had a night of 5 hours uninterrupted sleep. Hunger is coming back. Energy much better. Thanks for asking. Glad you’ve made arrangements for the end of your fast.

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I’m really happy for you and your accomplishment! Very inspiring to have followed your journal!

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Day 8

I got more sleep during the night and I feel much more rested today!
Right now I feel like I’m not interested in food at all and the cravings are pretty much gone, (maybe because I don’t get tempted with it around?)
The best part with fasting so far is that I can concentrate so much better while studying, and the amount of time it takes to accomplish the same kind of assignments and preparations is a lot less compared to when I’m eating!
I’m studying from home this month so I’m not stressing my body more by being out in stressful environments!
I might take a short walk later, just to get some sunlight and fresh air, since the sun is only up for about 4 hours here!


Yes. The mental clarity you get during Ketosis is amazing. Good luck with your studies.

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Thank you! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Day 9:

I’m feeling okay today. My stomach has been hurting slightly, but it might be because of my period. I’ve had a lazy day of just resting and studying today, but I don’t feel like I should exhaust my body while fasting anyway by being too active.
I’m not hungry at all, and I don’t have real cravings either, but I think about food a lot when I’m not distracted!
Excited to beat my record of 10 days when tomorrow is over! :facepunch:

Happy fasting :christmas_tree::snowflake:

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Day 10

I woke up feeling rested today as well, I got 5 hours of sleep which is quite a lot during a fast (for me).
I’m gonna spend the day studying and finish my examination, so I’ll have the weekend off until my last exam for this class!
I don’t have a scale here, so I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost so far, but I do see some changes in the mirror, even though most of it is because I’m holding on to less water.

I’m not trying to focus too much on the weight loss aspect anyway, because the real reason I felt like I needed to fast was to break by binge eating habit and reset my relationship with food. And I couldn’t make it work when I tried to just go back to my old habits of eating well and exercising a lot! It’s easier to just have a complete break from food, rather than “teasing” the habit all the time. Like being abstinent for an addiction.

I know it’s gonna take some time to break that habit completely. That’s why I feel a bit nervous for the refeeding part later, because I know it’s very hard to be disciplined when the body want to restore all the fat stores that has been depleted. But I’m hoping I’ll feel much more confident in myself and my ability by then to resist, and feel like it’s not worth coming back to the habit that made me feel depressed for over a year!

Discipline is freedom


From personal experience, my body did NOT want to restore the fat lost. That’s because it takes awhile to transition from ketosis to glucose burning. Also after a prolonged fast, I found my taste palate had changed.

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That’s comforting to hear!


Day 11

I’m feeling good, although I’m pretty bored and lazy today! Mostly been watching documentaries and interesting lectures!
I went on a fairly long walk yesterday in the evening and did some laundry after that, and even if I felt really good and energetic at the time, it was probably a bit too much, since my energy level is a lot lower today!


Day 12

I slept alright and woke up feeling a bit better than yesterday. I started the morning with a little walk and spent some time just taking care of myself with a bath and a face mask!

I really feel so much calmer mentally in this fast. I’ve felt so much stress and anxiety for the last couple of months, and this feels like a vacation for the mind and body. I’m really grateful for feeling this good so far!


Day 13

Even though my sleep was interrupted and not very long, I feel rested. Luckily I have the opportunity to rest when needed and I don’t have to wake up to an alarm if I haven’t gotten any sleep during the night. So I follow the mindset of sleeping whenever I’m able to, and not specific hours.

During the fast, I usually schedule my studying and other tasks after my need of sleep, because I’ve learned what a difference it makes for me and how I feel. I know many people aren’t able to have that freedom, so I’m very lucky, because I know how difficult it was for me while I was working and being in school!

I’m starting to see some results now, mainly on my stomach and face. My skin is more clear too!
I can’t believe it’s almost two weeks in now!


Congrats on your progress so far. Like you I control my work load, I work from home and family has supported when I needed it.


This is great! Good job! I think it’s so important to rest and listen to your body! You are surely priviledged to be able to bank up on the sleep you need, but more importantly you are using this priviledge for you, your well being and your body. I say kudos to that! Happy fasting! :partying_face:

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That’s a great benefit in situations like this! I’m glad you have a supportive environment too! :slight_smile:

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It really is a privilege! And thank you for the support, we’re gonna make it :muscle:

Day 14

In terms of fasting I’m feeling well today!
I’ve just been very emotional for more private reasons this morning and I’ve forgotten to drink so I’m having a slight headache now because of it.
I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow. I do notice that the fasting does make me feel more emotionally stable though, if I compare it to days where I felt very sad or anxious before.

A little walk outside might be a good idea to feel better, that was always my dad’s favourite recipe for bad moments!

Hope everyone is doing well! :snowflake::candle: