ANNA’S 30 DAY FAST- before & after

I never intended to share my before and after photos, so the ones I took were only for myself to see the progress, aka completely naked haha.

I now regret not taking proper pictures with underwear or clothes on too, that could show the changes more accurately.

The reason why I haven’t shared my pictures earlier is because I’ve seen several people on here that have expressed symptoms of eating disorders, and I’m very scared that my body or my pictures might trigger someone to loose weight for the wrong reasons. My before and after photos doesn’t differ a ton in weight, but my body composition is completely different with the changes in body fat percentage.

I’ve never been overweight but I gained weight very rapid and unhealthfully within a few months through my extreme conditioned binging behaviour and depression.
Therefore, the main reason for my fasting journey hasn’t been weight loss, but to regain my physical and mental health by resetting healthy behaviours around food. My weight went back to my body’s “normal” weight range after my fast (the settling point weight I’ve had for most of my teen years and early adulthood).

I’ve come a long way on resetting a good relationship with food, but there’s still work to do on the mental parts. My goal is to build a healthy mind and body from here.

Before photos: 

I started my fast at 66 kg, but these before pictures were taken four days into my fast so I probably weighed a slightly less than that in these photos.

After photos:

After my 30 day fast I had a few days of refeed and went on a 6 day fast again. So these following (blurry and crappy) pictures were taken after 30+6 days of water fasting at a weight of 53 kg.

A total loss of 13 kg or 28 pounds.


Thank you so much for sharing Anna!!! It’s so incredible that you are mindful of others (if ever you come across any instances as you mentioned above where you feel certain people might be fasting for the wrong reasons, please tag me as well!!) :sparkling_heart:

Honestly you look gorgeous in both photos, but I absolutely LOVE that you embarked on this journey to change your relationship with food after some down time as well as change mentally, spiritually and physically!! :sparkling_heart:

I really truly thing that the mental/spiritual side of fasting, and the calmness it brings is underrated! The physical aspect is important, but the mental aspect is truly the most incredible, and I feel like the longer we are on this journey, the more we can program our minds in the right direction!!! :sparkling_heart:

Thank you so much for sharing and I hope everyone reads your post very carefully! :heart_eyes: I am proud of how far you have come mentally & also proud of you for making amazing progress physically if that was a secondary goal!!! You are awesome as always, keep shining :sparkling_heart: :sunny: Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Take care of YOU today!!! #selflove :kissing_heart:


Thank YOU Yasemin for building your community and inspire me and others to choose health and well-being in whatever shape or form it comes in. Your videos and support together with support from members of the forum has made a big difference for me.
I hope you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend! Take care love :heart::heart:


Holy moly the difference 13kg makes! Really goes to show that paper towel theory is no joke.

You are an inspiration, Anna!

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Hi Anna,

I am new to the site and i was looking at everyones before and after photos, and your story is the closest to mine. I weight 60 kilos now from over eating and a bad break up but my normal weight is 53 kilos ( which i been for the last 10 years). I got some much inspo from your before and after pics because i am basically there. i plan to fast as long as it takes for me to get my body back, could only be 21 days . but your looking great :slight_smile:


Hi Anna!
also new to this website and I’m feeling so inspired by all of you, being so strong and choosing a hard way to reach your goal! I’m really working on my discipline but deep down in my heart I’m so determined to reach my dreams as well! Finally wanna overcome overeating, stocking at the same place and being happy with my body!
Starting my 30 fast and I will continue as long as I get down to my Goal weight!!!


May I ask how tall you are?



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Thank you :two_hearts::cherry_blossom:

Thank you! I wish you all the best! How are you doing? :cherry_blossom:

Thank you! I know its such a difficult journey, but you deserve to be happy and healthy! I wish you all the best! :pray::pray:

I am 168,5 cm according to my passport!

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Amazing photos!!! I really hope I can deal with some of my mental issues which are really holding me back from living my best life.

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Did you use any supplements during water fasting?

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Hi Anna, your journey is incredible! I was just wondering, have you managed to keep all of the weight off? there is all of this information out there that after a period of long restriction your body craves to make stores again in case you put it into starvation mode again, which leads to weight gain. So i was just wondering how it has been for you as you did such an extensive fast with such massive weight loss? Thank you!


@Anna Also wondering if you could update us on this? It’s something I struggle with so was wondering if you were able to keep it all off (not that you need to as you looked great in your before pic!)

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@pegasus @veronica31 @Jessical @annajohn
FYI: Anna’s been inactive for awhile as she’s busy with her studies to achieve her Masters in Public Heath. The last time we communicated she’s been staying on track with an occasional 2 to 3 day fast. Best news is she’s been able to maintain all the gains in her mental health from the 30-day fast.


This is amazing and so inspiring!
Does anyone know if she did any workouts during the fast to achieve this goal? Just would like to follow !
Thx in Advance!

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If I recall from my conversation with Anna during her 30 day, she did light workouts and walked everywhere as she didn’t have a car during that time. As a graduate student she studied from home so she didn’t have to commute anywhere except walk and take public transportation to university.


Sorry for a late response! I used mineral drops from a brand called holistic,
as well as salt, potassium and magnesium when needed. The last three made a big difference in my experience of fasting, since I’ve always struggled with nausea before supplementing those. However the mineral drops was something I tried out, but I wouldn’t necessarily buy them again, since I’ve been doing well without them on other fasts :slight_smile: