Amber's Journal

Stayed incredibly busy today so I didn’t think about food. It was harder at lunchtime and dinnertime for sure. Having some hunger pangs and dying for things I have in the fridge but I am sticking in because I have already gone down a half a pound and I don’t want to start over .

I am going to put my stickies on the wall tonight with a reward at each milestone . I told myself if I make it until Friday I will go and have my ears pierced and get a cute pair of earnings . Maybe dangly ones because hopefully soon they will not be highlighting a double chin. :heart::crazy_face:

I am not sure I am continuing this journal in the correct space . If I am doing it wrong will someone let me know


The double chin thing made me laugh … I hate wearing my hair up for the same reason ! When I look straight on it’s not so bad but when I look at my side profile … ugh. I’m on day 3, 100 pounds to lose … we are on our way !! :four_leaf_clover:

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So nice to hear from you Stacia . How are you doing tonight ?

The title of this journal is August 17, 2020.
And then you have this journal too🤣

You have 2 journal threads to choose from.

Up to you how you proceed.

Do I just continue journaling here under this thread ? Thank you for answering my questions . I am new to doing this kind of forum

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I’ve been here long enough I can change the title of this thread of you like. :blush:

Then be sure to bookmark for your convenience.

What would you like the general title to be?


Amber’s Journal. Thank you so much .

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Woot! Thanks! Made my day.

Hi ! I was wondering how to change the title? I want mine to be “ Stacias journal” … how do I change from 8/8 21 day fast ? Thank you !! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The more you post the more privilege opens. :slightly_smiling_face:

Miramar, thank you so much :slight_smile:!! I appreciate your journal too, inspiring !!

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I measured my ketones this morning with test strips and it showed ketosis. I do not know how accurate they are but I woke up super early for me full of energy instead of feeling lethargic

When I weighed myself yesterday I was down one pound . I am feeling pretty positive about making it to my first goal marker on Friday .

I have been measuring each goal with a countdown app. It’s kind of fun to look each afternoon and see myself getting closer . That seems to be the most fun thing about fasting … that it happens fast . There are small victories occurring all the time . I am enjoying my black coffee this morning which I really have never liked before , the scale moved , the countdown apps, the extra time to read instead of cook , the stomach grumbles stopping , the extra energy , the extra morning time because I don’t seem to need to be constantly sleeping , all of these things are the tiny victories a bit of self discipline gives in rewards . Thanks to this site for the opportunity to learn .


Psst - look up making your own cold brew coffee. :wink:

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Will do . Thanks

So I lost four pounds of what must be water weight yesterday. I felt like I spent most of the day in a near case of restroom emergency . LoL .

Woke up today feeling pretty good. Some slight stomach grumbles . I may check in later and see how it goes .


It’s day five . I am glad I read a post by another member named Kyle because I was going to eat dinner . I was going to eat not because I was hungry or stressed but because I wanted to . I guess simply wanting to shouldn’t really be a reason to eat . Maybe that is not the healthiest choice . I think maybe for me it’s more about learning to make a choice . Yes I want to eat, but I want to be healthy and be proud more . Not all of my reasons are important to the world , I want to wear a black dress I have , I want my double chin to go away , I want to wear my old clothes , I want to have clearer skin . These in some ways are vanities, but they are important to me . I really also want to live a long time, and to live well . Tomorrow I am slapping the nicotine patch back on my arm and really working on getting rid of my need to constantly have something in my mouth . For now I will replace it with water … maybe forever . Hopefully . One step at a time climbing back when I fall off . … but for now finding something to distract my mind until bedtime …


You’re doing awesome Amber ! Hang in there … baby steps to health !! I’m on day 6 and trying to learn to manage life too without stuffing my face to deal … keep going forward ! I will too !


You are braver than me with the patch!

I started letting my guard down a couple hours ago and was dreaming of cashews. And thought about eating just one or two. And it’s been a pretty good week so far and if I can’t keep myself from a couple of nuts then how reliable am I?

I’m not hungry - lonely taste buds. I’m not even PMS and only on hour 46 of 84 hour fast.

Just had some salt. Maybe that was what my body was trying to ask for.

Even though I’ve been doing this a couple months now I still get “it’s dinner time” bells in my head.

But you’re right. Have to take a step back and remember where it is I really want to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I reached the end of the six day mark and had a long think about how I will be most successful at doing this for the long term . I took several hours to think about what I wanted to do and I broke the fast with a meal. My plan had been to eat a meal every date night with my husband . Which is every seven days usually. This seemed doable for a while .

Now that I have broken it I am not sure if I am happy with my choice or not . I am feeling a lot of physical discomfort from eating . I was feeling quite a bit this afternoon all together even before I ate . Even though my meal tasted good … it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be . I think I will begin again but this time have a definitive plan for when to end the fast . Six days was definitely too short. If I have to deal with stomach aches they might as well be from getting thin instead of eating and staying the same . … I think my grumbles may be coming from the coffee . I drink a ridiculous amount . I am going to limit my intake and stick on a patch . I am not particularly happy I ate . But I am happy it didn’t bring me down . It actually made me want to be more in control this time because I am not willing to go through the discomfort without reaching my goal . Next fast is 14 days.


What did you break your fast with?