Aelle's Fasting Journal Day 1

Day 1: started my water fast today. I drank hot water last night to flush out my body for an easier transition this morning.

I will be going for 40 days water only.

I’ve fasted in the past so not a completely new experience. I am so glad to have the support of this group.


Day 2: I’m getting the hang of using this journal and navigating through the group.

Slept so good on night 1. Getting ready to go for my walk this morning. Looking forward to this day 2. Feeling great, no headaches or hunger pangs.

I did have thoughts about foods I haven’t eaten in a while. I know it’s all a part of the process.

Have a great day fellow fasters! On to day 2.


Day 3: I feel great. Had sort of a weird dream last night but it could be related to the audiobook I fell asleep listening to.

I’m throwing out old things I’ve held onto for no particular reason. Clothes, novelties, fears, ideologies; inner and outer work underway during this fast.

Happy fasting all!

Ps: I’ve hit my first milestone day! :woman_cartwheeling:t4:


Day 4: Been such a busy day, I almost forgot my daily check-in and update. Day 4 Going strong. slight headache but more likely due to computer eye strain than the fast.

keep going, everyone!


Day 5: Woo Hoo!

I woke with cotton mouth this morning and have had it off and on for most of the day. I drank a bit more water than usual in attempts to keep my mouth moistened. not much luck. my tongue was more coated than usual. i brush my tongue daily so its a sign of the deeper detox I suppose. oh, and I felt the little detox bumps on my gums.

fasting is deeply purifying. i have an abundance of energy at only 5 days in.

stay focused fasters and together let’s keep going strong!


Day 6: woke up feeling energized. Looking forward to day 6! Ready to take on the new day.

Have a great day fasters! :smiley:


Day 7: Full of energy feeling good.


Day 8: Forgot to check in yesterday

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Day 9: Still going strong - day 9 check in

hope you’re all doing well on your fasts, stay strong you can do it! :muscle:t4::woman_cartwheeling:t4::clap:t5:


Day 1: Going strong!


Day 10: Feeling amazing and energized to keep going.

My goal is a little ways off still, but its always in sight. I will reach it.

Hope u had a great day fasters! Stay committed!


Hi Sharon,

It looks like u meant to post this in your personal journal. you may want to delete from mine.

Congrats on day 1! Stay strong! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Day 11: Checking in! feeling a little under the weather today but I’m staying focused on my goal.

Have a great day fasters! :raised_hands:t4:


Day 12: missed check-in… still going strong.

Day 13: a low energy day, personal stuff but keeping on my journey and goals.


Day 14: Great day today, higher energy but also tired, may have been a little too active today.

Stay strong through the weekend fasters! :muscle:t4:


Day 15: Still going…

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Day 16: Still going

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Day 17: Been slacking on my updates will need to do better with keeping accountability log updated.

17 days into my water fast, still going strong… feeling fatigued quicker but pacing myself.


Day 18! I’m still here, i hope all of the fellow fasters are still going strong. We can do it!