About the Refeed category

I think everyone know’s by now that Refeed is THE MOST important part of the fasting journey!

Why should people use this category? What is it for?
You can make yourself a thread here called “XYZ’s Refeed” and post photos of your refeed every day to hold yourself accountable!

How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
It’s specifically all about refeed and refeed photos!

Will I gain weight back during refeed?
Yes, please don’t panic and expect some water weight to be gained back.

What can I eat during refeed?
Please click on the pinned posts to see some keto/OMAD and vegan/vegetarian options for refeed meals.

How do I make sure not to overeat?
Refeed is an opportunity for people to lose control, so hold yourself in check by printing the daily macro tracker and weekly food journal and writing EVERYTHING down BEFORE you eat it. If you don’t, you risk going down a naughty overeating path! You MUST use the trackers and write everything down. You can find these food logs in the Category “Fasting Calendars” :sparkling_heart:

Can I keep the weight off?
Yes absolutely, or else why would we all be fasting? Once again, be disciplined and take responsibility for the food you put in your body. You have FULL control, use the tools, make a thread, post your pictures and journal everything!

Please watch this rant about the vicious circle people fall into when it comes Fasting & Overeating (it’s a trap, don’t fall into it!)


Thank you so much! Do you address this theme in our Zoom meetings, too? I would be very grateful for this.