About Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi. Since I’m experiencing lots of acid reflux and heartburn I’m considering to give acv a go. I was lucky enough to find recommended brand on UK’s Amazon so I’m gonna purchase it. However the amount of it is still not clear to me. I read it it has to be 1/2 tbsp or 1 tbsp yes but with how much water? Am I gonna add it to a 1 litre bottle or 500 ml bottle or in a large cup or 2 litres of water? I don’t know about that and couldn’t find it anywhere else. What’s the true exact amount of water? What’s the acv-water ratio?

Also, I read some of you go with acv and some of you don’t. I wonder if people don’t go with acv is experiencing water fasting’s benefits more or does it make no difference? I mean if I don’t take acv, will my cleansing process be less “corrupted” and pure? Or am I free to take a certain amount of acv to ease my pain. Because it really makes my life miserable now.

Thanks in advance for the answers. Have a good day.

ps. I’m taking all my supplements like magnesium and potassium also I take pinch of salt too. I’m on my 8th day as a first timer

It can certainly help with Acid Reflux. I find ACV triggers my appetite, so I do better without it. When I have taken it, I used about half a shot glass worth to 8oz of water (I didn’t really measure). There are many people that swear by it so I think it’s just an individual preference.

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I have also found that apple cider vinegar makes me feel hungry. So, when I want to take it for health benefits, I just take it about 30 minutes before I’m planning on eating.


I usually just put a splash in a glass of water. I don’t measure. I think my glasses hold about 14 oz of water. I probably splash in somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of ACV depending on my mood. I drink it because I like the flavor; I don’t have acid reflux so I may not be doing it properly. I think any brand of ACV is good as long as it contains the mother and is unpasteurized. I use Bragg’s because that’s what all the stores carry here. My entirely unscientific and inexperienced opinion is that it doesn’t matter if you drink ACV or not in terms of fasting benefits/cleansing.

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Thanks for the reply Skye. Noted the brand name. ^^

Such a nice tip Julie, thanks!

Thanks for the measurements Kyle, you’re always a big helper. I’ll try it like that if I get THAT bad again but for now, I fixed the problem with Rennie sugar free. It doesn’t have any sugar in it like the other pantoprazoles and it didn’t break my ketosis so I am -at least, a bit better. Thanks again!

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