6 months Alternate Day Fasting Challenge

Just completed a 198 hour Water only fast by the last week. and down by 11 pounds in total. I need to loose 30 more pounds to be in a healthy BMR…

Starting a Alternate Day Intermittent fasting from today… for atleast next 90 days …

My fasting days will be
Monday , Thursday and Saturday
Feasting days will be
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Wish me luck guys…

Thank you @Yasemin for the inspiration…


#Week 1 Update:

Earlier I planned for a 90days ADF … but now after getting so much comfortable with ADF I planned to extend it to 183days i.e. 26 weeks…

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I will weigh myself once in every month… And let you guys know…

This looks great. Once I get most of my excess weight off from fasting, I going to try this.

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Its awesome and Easier than extended water only fasting… cause I can control my cravings and Can eat whatever I want to eat on the very next day… Even on my feasting days I can feel the burning of my fat…

I did my 7 day water only fast just before commencing ADF.

Feel free to join me whenever You are ready for it… :innocent::hugs:

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Hey @chinmoyee_sharma join me here… whats your plan ???

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Starting with 3 day water fasting… Then I’ll switch to ADF…hope it goes well…

Best wishes from my side dear… doing 3day water only fast will be great initiative I believe… you will get a nice kick for the ADF…

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We can share our results here… Keep in touch dear

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Sure… Thanks a lot… I would love you see my bbiiiiiggg tummy gone…:hugs::muscle:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2:

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I would love to see…not you see… Typing mistake…:tired_face::lying_face::sweat::face_with_thermometer::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

I’m in the June Month ADF…

Done with the Last meal of the day… Now technically it’s the starting of my first day of ADF of june 2021… So excited to experience the results with my fellow fasters… More power to us :heart_eyes:

My Day 1 started from 31st May 2021 @1PM and the first 40 hour will be completed by 2nd June 5AM…

Day 1 half way down … Feeling Euphoric…


Love this plan!!! :heart_eyes::clap:t2: feel free to share it in the Facebook group, take it one month at a time and one week at a time and you can set up ADF style of Fasting stickies or a calendar on your fridge !!


Thanx for always guiding and inspiring us dear… Lots of love and blessings for you and the little one👶 inside you…

Here are my ADF calender

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DIET arearer

@Voyelazaara, I’ll join for some ADF this summer. My plan is to go from now until Aug 1 (minus some travel in mid June), then reassess.

I like your 40:8 approach, it sounds smart.

Would love to touch base as we go through this-- it should be an impactful couple of months. All the best!


Yaa sure… plz join… It will be beneficial… and it’s an sustainable plan too… and results are amazing

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