40 days anyone? how on earth did you? tip?

Tips please? Love to hear from you all. I thought 50 initially but am on 11 and dying so duno about 50!

Love to hear from you? and how?

For those with deep challenges you gotta dig deeper??? x

would love to hear from those who had to do it for health reasons x

or in fact anyone would be great haaa haaa. how you getting on. I think it’s soooo hard!!! yikes only day 12 phew!!!

I did 21 days, could have gone on longer but was worried about health. Few funny pains in chest/stomach. Lost a lot of hair 3 mths later. Dermotologist asked if I had a trauma 3 mths previous, coincided to the day. She said extreme diet would do it.
Amazing experience and health benefits.
Have previously done 7, 10, 14 days
In future, I think 10-14 is best.
All the best

Hey lovely. I am day 24 and in very very very bad mood. Lol i am so irritated. A mix of lack of sleep and just craving things I don’t even normally eat a lot of unless it’s a treat! 21 is fab! To be honest look I drink tea and coffee. sorry i can’t not do that! I also take supplements! But I m doing my best. I feel like crying while typing this. The pain is indescribable! God alone help me if I go back to my old ways. It will need to become a lifestyle and I bloody hate it. I found i derived lot of happiness from it and loool tht was a wake up call!!!

yes i heard about trauma! Not quite did it for me though. I had an extreme accident which was traumatic. Maybe it healed it don’t know. Not noticed traum healing. That ws the main reason i did it!!!

Your doing really well. 21 days is hell!!!