4 week building up challenge with IF

It has been awhile since I have been here. Mostly due to the fact that I lost my job and I had to take care of a puppy. That meant getting up at night, so fasting wasn’t exactly my biggest concern. I also ate lots of carbage and almost no vegetables or fruit. That feels (even to me) so not right.
Now that she’s a bit older (13 weeks now) and she no longer has to get up to go potty at 2 am in the morning, I think I am ready to get back up on track again.
My ultimate goal would be a 14 day waterfast, but since I know myself, I will prepare this. That’s why I will start with intermittent fasting and I will build it up from 20/4 - 22/2 - 23/1 or OMAD to a variety of 24h, OMAD, 22/2 and 20/4. These intermittent fasting build ups will take about four weeks. I hope to be as much in ketosis as I possible can. Off course lots of good fats, moderate amount of protein and carbs only from vegetables and fruits.
That is what I would like to start with, my last meal will be today at 6.30 pm.

I am ready! Let’s do this!

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Good plan, taking into consideration what you’ve learned. Look forward to reading about your progress.

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I am doing well so far, this is my fourth day into IF (20/4). I have increased my fats and reduced my carbs. Lots of leavy vegetables.
After four days I found out I am in ketoses.
I eat twice a day normally, and for the first time, after four days, I don’t want to eat that second meal. I was planning to do an increase of fasting per week, but since I don’t feel hungry already, I can start with 22/2 IF tomorrow instead of Monday.
I do feel some inflammatory pain in my left side, an aching pain that kicked in this morning. If this is a side effect of less carbs, high fats and what causes it, I would like to know.
I am very pleased with the first results.

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Do you suffer from arthritis or any other inflammatory disease that could explain the pain in your left side?

The only thing I can think of is due to an accident many years ago, I was diagnosed with discus bulging. It’s a sort of hernia. But no arthritis.
I also had a kidney infection about a year ago, but on the other side (right side).
These are the only things I can come up with.

Is the pain going away now? The only thing I can think of, related to the fast, is that its a temporary symptom related to the transition from glucose burning to ketosis. Otherwise, I’d check with your doctor if it persists.

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First week of my building up challenge to a waterfast is completed.
I lost 1 kg in a week and this without excercising. I did not eat bread, pasta, pizza, processed foods, etc.
The pain in my left side also completely vanished, so I am glad about that.
Today was the first day I did a 24 h fast. It went well, but at the end of the fast I was so happy I could eat.
I am planning some 24h fasts this week and a 36 h fast too. This way I can practice even more.

Starting weight last week (forgot to mention this) was 85.6 kg
Starting weight this week was 84.5 kg


You are well on your way to building up that “fasting muscle”!

This is the end of my second week in preparation to a prolonged waterfasting.
So far so good.
I did twice 24h, then a refeed (OMAD). Then, my first plan was to do 36 hours, but along the way I changed it to 48 hours. I was feeling so good, I even made it to the next day. It was not fully 72 hours, because I felt I needed to break my fast at 7.30 pm, instead of 9 pm.
I was not hungry at all during those days, but I felt very dizzy. Especially the third day. It was only when I had to come up fast (getting out of bed, or when I cleaned the floor). I did go for a walk and then I did not feel so dizzy.
I took lots of sea salt, magnesium and potassium. I drank mostly water, but also tea and coffee (black)

I lost 0.5 kg. I did lose some waterweight (3.6 kg) but I gained it back since I had a very royal diner last night. Hence, I am very happy with the result.
This week I will throw in a couple 24h and even a 48h. No intentions to go longer this week, but if I feel good and I am not hungry and/or emotional, I can try to do my first full 72 hours.

Starting weight was 85.6 kg
Weight this morning: 84.0 kg

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