23 day water fast

Hey guys, I’m new to the group and really excited to start this journey.
I want to lose around 20 kilos(~40 pounds) before my birthday on the 3rd of december.
I’m 23 and I have gained over 20 kgs in the last 3 years and now I’m ready to lose all of this weight. Feeling very nervous about my refeed, I am so scared to gain all the weight back !!
I will start my water fast on the 9th of july and end it on the 31th of july, i will have all of August as a refeed month.
Wish me luck, i need your support to reach my goal.
Thank you and hope everyone is doing great <3


Refeeding can be quite easy. There are threads about it here. I believe too many people think a refeed after a fast is an excuse to go carb crazy and thats the issue. So after a fast the big thing with me is to keep my carbs low like I do going into the fast. Non cream, no or low sugar soups or smoothies, then salad then eggs & bacon are a routine for me now (I take 7 days to refeed after a 21 day fast). I have never regained weight post fasting even though some say regaining a bit of water weight is natural.

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Woow thats amazing!! Thank you for sharing your experience with me :blush:

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Welcome! I’ll also be starting my water fast in July, but today is actually my first day.
The reefed tips thread here is really helpful… it helped me with the last fast I did.

Did you gain the weight back the last time you fasted?

Water fast starts now !! 8 July 10:38 pm
I can do it I will do it :blush:
Starting weight: 83.5 kg
Body fat %: 43
I will weigh my self on the 1st of August i don’t want this journey to be only about the numbers on the scale :wave:
Goal weight before my birthday: 60 kg

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I maintained the weight for about 3 months, then I had some personal problems and my mental health was terrible, because of it I started binge eating. By the end of it I gained 5kg back, but it was my own fault. If you keep a health diet after, you can keep the weight off, just be mindful of what you eat.

Good luck!
My day 1 was yesterday and I’m about to complete day 2 tonight. It’s good to have people doing at the same time you are, it can help with positivist and support.

Thank you for sharing your story with us :blush:

Hey I’ve started the same day as you, I’m going to end my fast at the end of July as well, I hope we both make it :pray::revolving_hearts:

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