16-8 Fasting

Hi All

I want to start my first ever 16-8 fasting plan but there is something I aren’t sure about. I have looked over the internet with mixed answers coming back.

In the morning, I religiously drink a glass of water with wheatgrass and also a glass of water with lemon juice in it. Not to mention I also love a cup of tea with milk when I first wake.

Can anyone tell me if I break the fast if I drink the above?

Thank you in advance


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Yes, that does break your fast technically. However, if you aren’t looking for atophagy go for it! All my fasts are dirty. Do what works with your life style. Wheatgrass is so intense! That’s super cool

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Thanks very much for your response Kristy.

After more research, I’ve found that wheatgrass and lemon juice doesn’t break a normal fast but milk does. I’ll just have to wait till lunchtime for my first cuppa!! :smiley: