100 day fast starting tomorrow but i have questions first

Hi there, New year i planned on fasting for 100 days but i didn’t do it. I am wanting to try and attempt it starting tomorrow I have shared with some friends who are not supportive same as doctors but i have done research on doc Jason Fung and believe his way is the way to go, i want to reverse type two diabetes i am just wondering what happens if i get to low with my sugars? has anyone with type 2 attempted a fast and reversed it? What did u do about low sugars, was it an issue for you? Can i die if i don’t poop, i am worried i won’t be able to open my bowels after a while. How do u deal with that?.

Hi Briannajade1981.
Have you started the Fast? I have begun yesterday, having started and stopped numerous times before, but learning all the way, even from the non-successes. I can help with the bowel issue. mu husband and I both take organic, food-grade Epsom Salt from Amazon. I take a teaspoon, rounded, in Very hot water so it dissolves. That does the job in an hour to hour and a half. More removes more water from the body. It’s not a problem, just more trips to the bathroom. It kind of produces diarrhea. You don’t want to be at a restaurant when that occurs. Also, avoid taking it and going back to bed. You need to be up, awake and moving around like we do in the morning. In bed, it lays in one spot and can irritate the bowel. I did that a few times and experienced a small amount of pain, like my bowels were irritated. I laid off the Epson salt a couple days and was good as new. We have been doing this daily for years. no side effects at all. I hope this helps. Also Stay Away from negative, non-supportive friends.

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