Yvonne's No More Excuses Journal

Day 1- I am excited today to start this challenge. I am 51 years old and have 4 sons. I am happily married for 28 years to my high school sweetheart! I live in Michigan. I have gained roughly 100# since 2019. I had my weight under control for over 15 yrs but funny how quickly those habits are always lurking in the background for a crack. I am a totally different person with this weight. I have become less social and more avoiding depressed. I was in a cast with a walker for about 4mo due to torn tendons, then covid and it just slipped away fast. I know sugar was at the front of it. I AM going to detox myself from all the garbage and reset my palate. My longest fast was 7 days but did not have a plan when refeed came. I want to finish strong and not start 2021 this way. My family worries about my health. My cholesterol is high and sugar. I love watching Yasmine’s videos because she always makes me laugh and has amazing motivational energy! I never join things like this so this is stepping out of my comfort zone. I am not very electronic smart so this too is a learning experience. I also want to work on my self-care. As a Mom and Wife, I tend to put myself behind my husband and sons. No more bullshit -No more excuses- No other option!!! See you at the finish line!


Welcome Yvonna! I love the you have been married to your HS sweetheart for 28 years and have a family of six. To me, you are living the dream. That was what I had imagined for my life when I was (much) younger. :slight_smile:
COVID has really turned the world upside down! It’s amazing how we can all evaluate our coping mechanisms during a world crisis. Perhaps now that some time has passed and we have (somewhat) acclimated to this new state of living, we can reign in what ails us. Hopefully.

Glad you are here and look forward to checking out your journey!


Yes! Love the charisma!! No more bullshitting, it’s THE TIME to have some TIME for ya-self :grin::grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes: Cheering for You, whilst mine is slowly coming to an end #1day.

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Hi @yvonna7 !

I’m a 52 year old spinster and have managed to kick off 62lbs as of today, and started back in June. :blush:

Get yourself some calendars and wall stickies (there’s a video on that).

Post every day, even a couple times a day - it will help with that electronics apprehension as well as therapeutic for the fast.

There’s all kinds of challenges - feel free to join some.

Welcome to the forum!


Day 1 again after 10-day water fast but had a very bad refeed. This time I will do the work that I put down on the homework papers! Challenging myself to finish out the month of November since I know I am capable of 10. I felt so good gut wise and proud mentally. I am driven to finish this year on a positive note. I will journal more to make myself accountable too.