Yvonne's Journey to Better Health

I am starting my Life app tonight to begin my 7-day water fast. I will continue till April 4th. I will journal every day here even if it’s just to check in to myself and the group for accountability purposes. I have succeeded before with Yasmin and am confident I can do it again. I am doing this as a mental reset and a springboard toward my weight loss goals. I will do a lot of self-care and fasting “busy” activities. I will tell myself daily affirmations(in the words of Yasmin, I am a badass and I can do this ; ) I will cross every day off on a calendar of 7 days taped to the fridge!! And of course, rewatch all Yasmin videos for awesome motivation! See ya at the finish line!!!

Wrapping up the end to a productive Day 1. Gave my pups a totally grooming today and washed all their beds and blankets. Cleaned my windows inside and out. Managed to throw a pot roast in crockpot for by husband too🙌🏼 Took a nice shower with body scrubs and lotions. Feeling good and staying positive!

oops that was yesterday forgot to hit send LOL

I got on scale today and 200.0 on spot. Come on lol! Not gonna lie it did get in my head for a minute but repeated OUTLOUD “trust the process”! The scale is such a mind control. My ultimate goal in the end is to let the scale go. Day 2 Lets go! Soaking my feet after I took off polish, gonna give them a pedi. The sun is shining and I feel good.

Day 4- Proud that I am staying strong. It is crazy how it is all mental! Added more ACV and salt which helps appetite and energy. I just look at today because when I think about the days ahead it affects my mood. I am grateful my hubby is very supportive and understanding. He is the only person who I tell when I fast. He gets it and doesn’t lecture me. Bring on April!!!

I am staying positive and excited about what April will bring with hard work! Checking in for accountability

Got my stickies up for a 7 day fast. I need this for my mental and emotional calmness. I did something different this time, every day I put a name that I am doing this to honor. That name will be in my thoughts and in my daily meditations pulling towards my success. Till tomorrow…

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Day 1- I hate day 1- but knowing this is the worst of the 7 from past experience helps. Going to stay busy and just get through the day then bed! Time travel into tomorrow and then I can rip off my sticky. Today I am doing it in honor of my Mom. She was the most amazing role model to me. She overcame coming to the USA at a young age and was a survivor. I miss her and credit the woman I am today because of her strength. I know she is with me every day routing for my success.

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Day 1 was awful but survived! I had a migraine the entire day and night! DAY2 bring it! Today I am dedicating my fast to my youngest son. He has shared that he wants me to live a long life because he would be unbearably sad without me. I know the feeling of being the youngest child and feeling cheated early by the loss of parents so I will stay driven today.

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Hello, I’ve read your post here. I feel I’ve discovered a once great website, filled with enthusiasm for fasting. I’m not sure, but something tells me it’s not an easy goal to achieve and especially to maintain. Would you like some support? How did this all turn out for you?