Water fast starting tomorrow. Looking for a buddy

Hello. I’ll be starting a fast tomorrow and I’m looking for an accountability buddy.


Hello Renee! I am also looking for an accountability buddy so this is perfect timing :slight_smile: I have previously managed to fast 14 days but I’m now looking to make it 21. What about you?

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What are the odds? Me too! Does tomorrow work for you? I’ve been putting it off for quite some time :pensive:.

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Sorry for the late reply Renee - I’ve had a busy day at work! How was day 1 of the fast? Sorry I realised we hadn’t actually agreed on a date.

I feel I am most likely to fall off the wagon on days 1-3 and as a result I’ve failed more fasts than I can count but it’s okay, just gotta find a way to keep temptation away by keeping busy

How many days did you have in mind?

I am starting tomorrow also

Hi I am new to this forum. My 1st post! I just started my fast yesterday I am at 22hours now. I almost broke it an hour ago! Then I remembered I signed up for this forum. Thank you to all that are on this journey with me. My goal is 7 days. I want to reset my relationship with food. Increase my will power, cleanse my body and release some weight.

Starting a 10 day fast tomorrow and looking for a buddy