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Day 3 - Where are days 1 and 2? Well, I’ve tried and failed too many times to complete even one fast day, so I thought I’d just wait and see how I did the first few days. However, I pleasantly surprised myself by reaching day 3, and as I’m typing I’m getting ready for bed.

My willpower has been great all day. I just keep reminding myself that every time I’ve given in, I’ve eaten 3k calories and felt like crap afterward, then felt like Oh well, another failed diet attempt. So I’m determined to stick it out this time. I have around 30 pounds to lose, but I’m still going day by day. I will say that a total fast is really easier than, say, low-carb. I’m a carb fiend and while eating only protein and fats, I’d find myself prowling the kitchen like a werewolf, looking for some cookies or chips or chocolate, and I would eventually break down. Now I can’t have ANYTHING - lol. Much easier.

On to day 4.


Keep going you got this :muscle:t2:Honestly I felt the same , every time I try to post I keep failing but this time Im on day 4. How many day are you planning to fast ?

I’ll fast as long as I can, up to 30 days, since I have 30 pounds to lose. I figure that if I can make it to 10 days, I can make it to 30. For me the first week is the barrier.

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Amazing , let’s do this together if you don’t mind :slight_smile: I have got 35 pounds to lose then I’m good to go. Like you said the first week is the hardest then it gets easier. Might sound odd but I usually watch cooking videos on YT so I don’t get any cravings at all.

Cooking shows…too funny. I created a webpage solely devoted to sweets (my big weakness) just so I could look at them - even if I couldn’t eat them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll be happy to show you but I don’t want to tempt you in the process. I mean, looking is zero calories, right?

I’d be happy to go along. If I suddenly disappear, you’ll know I dived into the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, though(!)

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We are on the same boat and yes please do share. When I get sudden sweet cravings I will be able to look at your page :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: We got this , It’s all about the mind. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you feel like falling off.

A Consortium Of Decadence

Looks like I’ve made it through another day, since I’m tired from playing tennis after work and am ready to turn in shortly. How are you doing?

I held firm today and never seriously wavered. In past fasts my resolve had tended to disintegrate around day 4-6 - so I’m on guard. I’m absolutely determined to make it to day 8, since it would be my longest fast ever.

On to day 5.

Your page is full of temptation the cheese cake , chocolate ,donuts you name it :rofl: we gotta stay strong and tell ourselves food is not going to disappear. 25 days to go!!
Completed day 4 into day 5. I felt a bit dizzy realised I didn’t drink a lot of water. Do you take any supplement on the go ??

Day 5 - Got up not hungry, but with a bad taste in my mouth. If that’s the worst that happens, I’m a blessed man. I usually keep a cold, diet soda in the fridge to drink first thing, like some people do with coffee. Something about a cold, carbonated drink on my stomach makes me not as hungry.

It’s funny but yesterday I dropped three pounds on the scales, and this morning I had dropped another two! I know it can’t be fat, so a lot of it has to be water. Kind of a bummer knowing that tomorrow I might even see the scales go up a pound.

Juheriaa, did you like my dessert page? LOL - like I said, looking is calorie-free. :>)) I know what you mean about dizziness. I’ve gotten that a few times, too, when I get up too fast in particular while on this fast. It comes and goes. It hasn’t seemed as bad this time around for me for some reason.

One thing that’s helped me this time is what I call “negative reinforcement.” Telling myself the bad things that will happen if I break this fast. For example, I tell myself that you’re going to be hungry or have maddening cravings no matter what diet you’re on, so you won’t be gaining anything by giving in and eating; it’ll only be a temporary reprieve. After all, if the other diets were working for you, you wouldn’t be on this fast.

8:43 pm - I’ll be turning in soon and I’ve successfully made it another day. On to day 6.

Are you still on the fast or have you hopped off? These things are hard, so I would understand.

Hi Tricon7 , no I’m still fasting … I just didn’t have any energy at all was laying around after work. Tried to watch as many YouTube videos as I could about waterfasting - check out Healthy Alternative
But yesss I am soon into day 6 and feeling stronger now. I am seeing my stomach shrinking and my jawline is slowly showing :sweat_smile: how’s your fast going ?

Day 6 - 10:48 am - Going strong, still. A bit low on energy, but not bad for day 6. We’ll see how I do later on. But I think I’m in a good rut of just not thinking of food, and it’s getting easier to do.

Hey again! I’m glad that you’re still with us - LOL. Better for you to lay around and sleep than try to be active, then get dizzy and possibly fall over. The Youtube-watching is a great idea because it inspires you to hold strong. I have a folder of images of people whose figures I admire for inspiration. I also have a closet-full of amazing and awesome clothes that I can’t fit into (yet) that’s driving me to get to my goal. I want to look amazing in clothes again, instead of just wearing clothes to cover my body.

So this morning, I got up not hungry, but as soon as I opened the fridge door to get my cold diet soda, I saw the big box of Jimmy Dean egg mcmuffins (my favorite breakfast food). :open_mouth: I had to really slam the fridge door fast! No! Fortunately, I stomped that down hard and fast - LOL. And like so many have correctly said on this forum, food will still be there when one’s fast is done.

Yeah at one point you feel like giving up but again you remind yourself why you started and the end goal. I will definitely try ou your method and get my favourite dress something I haven’t thought about :grinning:
We got this !!!

4:04 pm - I went out with my son to browse at the local mall. Lots of walking and looking; we went in the mall candy store, and I picked up some yummy chocolate sweets for the family, but I was never temped. I also went into the Cheesecake Factory and checked out their deliciousness in the dessert case. I mean, I can look all day, right? I’m on it. :muscle: My mind is seeing food now as an abstract thing, not something for ME to eat. It’s all mind games at this point. But I started not feeling well for some reason, like I needed to lay down. Just a generalized not-feeling-good feeling, which I hope a nap will cure.

Amazing , I wish we had Cheesecake Factory in the UK. That would be great.
Yeah fighting food temptation isn’t easy it’s all about the mind. Entering day 7 soon and I’m feeling a lot better but I have realised I get cold feet while I’m sleeping, not sure if I should take any supplements. At the moment I am having water only.

Day 6 - 10:00 pm - I was feeling somewhat ill Saturday night, my problem tooth flared up and was killing me, and - unfortunately - my wife made Spanish rice and sauteed chicken, and the aroma filled the house. I did wind up eating something, and it did made me feel better.

My original reason for starting this fast was to kick-start my diet again, which had stalled, and I feel I did that. I lost 11 pounds from when I started, and it put me back in Onederland. I weighed again this morning and was the same exact weight I was yesterday morning, so maybe most of the weight loss wasn’t all water. Now back to faithful dieting to get me to my ultimate goal weight.

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11 pounds in less than 7 days I really good, keep it up :clap:t2:

Soon into day 7 and I’m feeling energetic, didn’t drink much water as I felt it wasn’t needed. Down 6 kgs and hopefully I will carry on with the fast till i feel breaking it.

Soon into day 8 ***

Day 8 completed into Day 9, I have a lot of energy and managed to do HIIT workout. The scale is not moving much today maybe I’m losing some inches.