The greatest fast of 2020 - attempting 22 days

Hi, Melinda here!
This is my second day of a 21 +1 days water fast.
I have done a 7 and two 5 days fasts earlier and countless 36 and 48 h fasts in the past.
Today was hard, because this fast isn’t very ”embedded” yet and my mind is trying to trick me out of it, I had a couple of teaspoons of nut butter that pushed me through today. I drunk a whole lot of water with salt and magnesium that gave me stomach issues , my head is gonna explode still.
Nevertheless I am happy and grateful having made it this far, I know it only gets easier.
The stages of this fast are
Nov 21-5, 5 days, the length of my previous fast, should be able to repeat
Nov 26-27 days, I have done 7 days before, right?
Now 28 dec 2, 12 days, the end of a diet et, that I partake in, first weigh-in
Dec 3 to 9, it’s my birthday, 19 days in, I might choose to break that day, second weigh-in optional
Dec 10-11 completing 21 days YAY
Dec 12 first refeed with bone broth hence the plus 1 day
So that’s my big plan


Hi @Miu_Kitahara! Wow, I’ve never done a 22 day fast before but I believe you will do it again. I liked your specific fasting schedule. Hope you have a great week and happy fasting! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello there! Thanks so much for the encouragement :sparkling_heart:I am on my day 5 (Celebrating mini goal in the evening with lemon grass tea :partying_face::grin:) and so far so good, I am very on point with electrolytes and it makes a word of a difference, I fully recommend to pay attention to that!
Where are you at in your journey? Have a good day!

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I am immensely proud and grateful that I made it to my first goal of 5 days. I feel good, better than in my previous fasts, I don’t feel sick and with no energy this time, perhaps it’s because I am taking Himalayan, magnesium and potassium salts in my water, this way I get in bigger quantities than with pills that make me nauseous anyway. Honestly, I don’t even feel so much different, the other time I was pulling myself with all I have through the 5 days finish line like a marathon runner on his worst day​:sweat_smile::v: This time? Whatevs​:sunglasses: yeah I get hungry sometimes and I mentally miss food. But that’s about it.
However, I recently discovered that all, I mean all teas that I own, about 30 boxes of different flavoured teas, but not these fancy blends of lose teas with pieces of dried fruit and what not. Only plain little tea filters… And all of them contain 1 to 3 kcal per serv8ng and about 0.1 g sugar… Whaaaay. Even the plain lemongrass with the only ingredient THE LEMONGRASS??? WHY??? anyhow, you know, I just decided to drink one or two mugs a day​:tipping_hand_woman: there is no artificial sweetener or anything…they help me immensely to get through the day :thinking:well I might be able to stop drinking them eventually…
Nevertheless, faSting on​:muscle::muscle::muscle::crossed_fingers::star_struck::star_struck::partying_face:


Howdy! I’m so glad to hear about your electrolytes being on point. I agree with you that that makes such a difference! :slightly_smiling_face: I started fasting Sunday night and will break my fast tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day. I’m hoping to do rolling 72 hour fasts and low carb/Keto re-feeds until I reach a healthy weight! We got this :muscle:t3: :four_leaf_clover: Have a wonderful Wednesday!

I’m really happy that you’re having an easier time this fast! It’s crazy how different each fast can feel, both physically and mentally! I also noticed a huge difference when I became more aware of my electrolytes. I’m cheering for you!! :tada:

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Thank you so much, @Anna! Hope you are also doing well! Happy fasting!

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