Summer Solstice water fast 🌿 June 19 - June 26

I am starting a 1 week fast for the Summer Solstice, starting June 19. If anyone wants to join I would love the company! Will be doing daily up dates here as well as on the fast forward to health Facebook page.


I’m at a solstice celebration, so I can join yoy from tomorrow evening :blush:


Hi, I’d love to join too…:slight_smile:


Let’s go!!! :sparkling_heart::heart_eyes: Thanks for setting this up superstar!!

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So I’ve had my last meal am settled in for the night with a good book. Tomorrow will be my first fasting day :slight_smile:

Hi, how’s everyone doing? Let’s do this! :blush:

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Doing okay, how are you?

How’s everyone doing? Has everyone started their fast now?

I am doing good, day 2 starts for me at 10pm. Today has been pretty relaxed just doing some light cleaning and playing with the kids :slight_smile:
Hope you all have a great night :crescent_moon:

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Officialy day 3 yeah!

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Doing good. Feeling a bit tired - as in out of energy but overall all okay. :grin:
Hope everything is alright at your end

Anyone wanna join me starting today add me on my socials so we can talk and support eachother to keep going