Sugar Addiction & How to Quit Sugar

Sugar is detrimental to our health, and we need to slowly create awareness about the importance of quitting sugar. Here are some tips on getting over your sugar addiction and quitting sugar.


I’m currently reading A Gut Feeling: Conquer Your Sweet Tooth By Tuning Into Your Microbiome by Heather Anne Wise. She makes the point that some sugar cravings can come from intestinal Candida or SIBO. The remedy is of course cutting out sugar, but also using medicinal herbs to kill it off.

So while I am currently fasting, I’m adding some tinctures and herbal teas to help bring a healthier balance in my gut.

I already included kefir and homemade plain yogurt in my diet prior to this, so maybe this will give me the edge to cut the desire for sugar out of my system.


This is great, thank you. I just started drinking stinging nettle leaf tea today. I too am having sugar withdraw issues, so what you said makes total sense because it’s not that I just wanna break my fast and eat, it’s that I want something with sugar or refined carbs (same thing). I feel better after I drink this tea though. I was drawn to it because it’s said to detox the body, kidneys, and liver and get rid of water weight along with a lot of other things.