Starting my Water Fasting Journey after 3 months

Good day, everyone! I’m new to this forum. You can call me Hans and I’d like to take you on my water fasting journey and keep myself accountable for the next 10 days (maybe more).

Before I start my water fasting journey, I want to state my goals and the reasons why I want to accomplish it. I want to do a water fast because I feel like I have gained a substantial amount of weight after some time in the pandemic. I have done a water fast several times so I hope this one will not be so hard. I want to be more productive and not thinking about food every time, so I hope by fighting my urges and additions, I can clear my mind and be a better person. I feel like I’m starting to be addicted again to sugar and my face has not been doing pretty well. I hope with water fasting I will have clearer skin and be more confident later on.

I have begun my journey on Monday, so I want to share the upcoming days with everyone here.

Day 1 - I felt dizzy and I was feeling very hungry because I didn’t prepare my diet beforehand with higher fatty foods, I was eating carbohydrates so I guess it was a mistake but I persevered.

Day 2 - I was doing okay, had some hunger but I fought it by doing some work. I took some salt to keep my head clear and went to my bed early

I’m starting day 3 today, I will keep you guys updated and hope everyone is safe and healthy :blush: