Started a 7-day water fast today - please join me!

During the lockdown I did four three-day water fasts and lost 1.5 st. First weight-loss in many years, and I’m very pleased.

Each time I got to day 3 I’d feel like I could have carried on longer. So, here it is, my first 7 day water fast.

CW 15st 2lbs

Please feel free to join me! I’d love to read how you’re doing :smiley:

Good luck.



@Michelle Hey Michelle! Welcome to the community!! Great job on your fasts! Day 3 is usually the toughest for me.

So you are on Day 3 today?

I just started yesterday so the middle of day 1 for me!

I’ll be following your progress!! You got this!!

Hi @sarah_t thank you for the welcome!
I’m just starting day 4 now. This is the longest I’ve done. I always cave on day 3.
This fast is different though. Good lucj and how long are you planning to fast for?

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@Michelle Great job!!! How is Day 4 going for you?? That’s one more day than you have been able to accomplish in the past so Congrats!!!

@Sarah_T A few cravings but I made it. Just started day 5! :astonished: