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Aim: 21 day water fast
Height: 5’4
Focus/ reason: To lose 10kg (22lbs) before the festive period.

Day 1 - 2020-11-18T00:00:00Z
66.0kg • 145.5lbs
Body fat: 35.3%
Muscle: 61.4%

DAY 1 photos:

Day 1 commentary

  • 8am: Double shot espresso + 300ml water
  • 9am: 1 hr walk
  • 10am: 300ml water (I drank this over the hour)
  • 11am: 300ml water
  • 2pm: hot lemon water. I fancied a taste of something different. Still feeling pretty ok that I haven’t eaten just yet, although, I’ve done quite a few OMAD stints so I’m not really surprised. It’ll be the pushing through the evening that I’ll find tricky.
  • 3pm: 300ml water. My lips are quite dry despite all the water I’m drinking.
  • 5pm: Getting into the danger zone - I find the evenings so tricky when fasting and from reading other accounts on here, I know I’m not alone! I’m hoping that by writing in this mini journal I’ll be able to take my mind off everything for a little while. I thought I’d try and further explain my ‘WHY’ so that I can come back to it at a future time.

Covid weight gain - I want to get back to sub 60kg as that’s where I feel happiest. It’s been a goal of mine for a while to reach 55kg - so I’ll always keep that in mind.
Christmas events - as it stands I have a Christmas event which I’m attending in 4 weeks time (so 3 weeks fast, 1 week refeed) and I have gained 6kg since I last saw these people. It’s important to me that I enjoy this evening and I just know that I won’t if I’m worried about how I look. In addition, I’m the largest in my family, and going home for the holidays will be hard if I feel uncomfortable and large the whole time.
A fresh start/ health kick for when gyms reopen - where I am in the world has covid restrictions and gyms won’t be reopening for a few weeks now. I managed to complete 8 weeks of a 12 week fitness program and I would love to do the full 12 weeks at a lighter weight.

  • 8pm: 300ml water. Managed to occupy myself by just watching YouTube all evening. It’s worked well!
  • 9pm: signing off for the evening. I weighed in at 65.7kg (144.8lbs) just because I was interested in knowing. I’m fully aware that I won’t be able to provide commentary quite like this every day but it’s been a good distraction today :innocent:

Day 7 - 2020-11-24T00:00:00Z

Thought I’d come on here and update how I’m doing!

64.3kg • 141.8lbs [ :arrow_down: 1.7kg • 3.7lbs]
Body fat: 34.8%
Muscle: 61.7%

I’ve not managed to stick to the 21 day total water fast as hoped… BUT I’ve learnt that fasting is my best friend as a weight loss tool! Over the past few weeks I’ve done 2 whole day fasts and I’ve been practising intermittent fasting on other days.

I’m hoping to get below 64kg in the next few days🙏 hope you’re all doing great!

Here are my stats for the past 6 days (I’ve been keeping a log on my phone. I’ve told myself to keep this up for 28 days minimum!)



Hi @sterlfra! Keep up the good work! You got this and I’m rooting for you :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much Cindy! :hugs::hugs:

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Day 9 2020-11-26T00:00:00Z

65.3kg • [ :arrow_down: 0.7kg ]
Body fat: 34.8%
Muscle: 61.9%

I ate so much yesterday - and all foods high in salt!!! I probably ate around 2,000 kcal - which is fine because I also walked 8km so I won’t gain weight but I was super unmotivated when I stood on the scale today.

  • 7am: When I woke up I had a coffee with milk (80 kcal) and some salmon on a bagel (maybe 320 kcal so that the maths works). So I’m at 400 kcal today. I have a really good idea of how many calories are in what but I don’t use a tracker any more and instead just note down what I eat after I’ve eaten it but LISTEN to what my body wants to eat!

Here is where I feel that because I’ve eaten a lot yesterday that I want to just continue eating awfully today - BUT I WON’T LET MYSELF. Instead, I’m going to fast until my evening meal tomorrow. It’s so easy for me to give up this far into a diet so I’m going to document it all on here so that I stick to it.

So, fasting from 9am - 7pm tomorrow - 34hrs of fasting!

  • 10am (almost) 600ml water today so far. Going to aim for 2L for sure.
  • 11 am another 300ml. Man I’m thirsty… 100% all the salt haha!