Spring cleaning-inside and out

September and again in the spring. I have no idea why, but for some reason, I fast twice a year.

Part of my fast includes cleaning my home top to bottom, getting rid of anything I no longer use, cleaning out the bookshelf, etc…you get the idea.

What I have learned so far:

journaling felt silly the first time, but now I truly understand how much journaling helps to “clean” internally also and get some perspective about shit that’s happened so I can move forward. Journaling now includes collaging and drawing not just words anymore.

Oh my goodness - zero and I mean zero news in any form from any source. Wow, after a couple of days I am emotionally sensitive to anything visual so I have to take a break from all news - radio/tv/social media.

Time: it moves SOOOOOOOOO slow!!! wow, it’s quite amazing how much I can actually get done in a day. Its way too easy to underestimate what can be accomplished in one day.

inspiration: pick any thing that you find will elevate your self awareness and help you learn how to accomplish what ever it is you want to do in life. Fasting is the perfect time for self help videos, instructional books what have you.

Facials - such a huge change in my skin within a couple of days.

yoga - this will be my first time doing yoga - as an absolute beginner. I don’t know why, but I feel like I really need to do some good stretching during this fast.

Duration: when my body tells me it’s time to stop. Typically, I no longer feel hunger after day 3.

Day 1 - I use 1 cup of S/M tea to cleanse bowels, as much as I want of decaf coffee and water
Day 2 - I add apple cider vinegar to my water, and cayenne pepper, 3 cups of decaf - limit
Day 3 - I add lemon juice to water and cayenne pepper, 2 cups of decaf - limit
Day 4 - 1 cups of decaf - limit. As much water as I want - run water through Brita filter
Day 5 - As much water as I want - run water through Brita filter
Day 6- water only

if at any time I start to get leg cramps, I add try adding electrolyte to the water this time. Last time this started around day 12 and quickly cleared up.

According to my Fitbit, my resting hear rate before fasting is 59. I will be relying on my Fitbit for some stats along the way - # of hours sleep etc etc.

I will hit the gym for light treadmill daily - set new habit

To replace social media, radio and TV I have 2 books ready to start evening reading. My goal is that by day 3 I should be completely off decaf coffee and all social media. I have to check emails once a day for work and I will try to post something daily about this springs fasting journey.

This is the plan, starting today. So far so good. Today is the day 1-easing into the fasting frame of mind-not a real day 1- ha ha.


day 2: Slight headache, that’s expected. looks like it’s going to take a bit longer to get to the concentration part - less scattered than yesterday so the fast is starting to work. Time is still slow, and I’m getting use to blocking everything in one hour increments in order to meet external deadlines this week. I got more done today than I have in weeks. This is one of the benefits I enjoy with fasting - because time is slow and I have quite a bit of extra energy the first week - I try to harness this extra energy and spring clean-get rid of stuff that has been laying around not being used for a long time. Added bonus - here it is 8:35 and I’m already yawning. Aiming for 9:30 lights out this evening and a 5am wakeup tomorrow. Today was a good day, feeling good, slightly feeling Hungary this evening but drinking lots of water today.

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day 3 - zippidy doo da! holy energy batman! I haven’t had this much energy since before the pandemic started - seriously! slight headache today - broke down and had a coffee and the headache went away immediately. Will try again. tomorrow to simply exist with the headache and forgo coffee - but there’s only so much I can take on at once; My inner voice is getting quiet and my ability to concentrate is much stronger today than it has been for months and months. Went for a small walk, and cleaned out the closets completely. No naps today and no laying down - on my feet all day, cleaning and organizing. Very good day today. My resting heart rate according to the Fitbit is down 2 from day 1.

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Day 4: according to Fitbit, my resting heart beat is down 5 from day one. Woke up half hour before the alarm went off, jumped out of bed even! Slept 5 hours 14 minutes. today was a rest day - had a 2 hour light nap this afternoon when I started to get cold- not pushing it simply accepting whatever my body needs to do for itself today. no cleaning or organizing, just a short walk to do banking and back home. my mind is not racing anymore like it was before I started the fast. Skin is starting to feel softer and I added a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water for flavour. Overall doing just fine so far.

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well here we are at the end of Sept and it’s time for a fast.

Day 1 will be Sept 30

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