She's at it again

Morning folks I’m 90hours in … I reeeeally want to stick it again and close out the year with another extended fast :blush:

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4 days done!
100hours complete
Quite my favourite day with round numbers
Scale can do one though
Doing a salt flush
Resting heart rate has dropped a few points today and my heart isn’t hammering/palpitations just big strong throbs :muscle::joy:
By tomorrow I’ll be half way

5days done.
Mood was way better yesterday
Swelling from tooth extraction is settling, comes up by the end of the day but is healing I hope. Can look to see as it still hurts too much to open my mouth too wide, I think it’s because I’ve had hot lemon a few times which upon reading after the fact is an irritant in the first 7-10days so… Water and salt only moving forward.
Scale can still do one. I’m not checking tomorrow. I kicked the habit pre fast so I’m not getting back into it during the fast, small variations are natural.

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Pfht… Well I’ve had to refeed.

I have something up with this extraction i can’t decide if its TMJ related or infected I think TMJ either way. Called this for now.
Going to make another attempt but I have a holiday to go on first and a face that feels like I’ve been punched… When I’m only fighting the waterfast… Maybe I’ll have more luck.
Disappointed but I needed to be sure I was protecting against infection and honey and fasting don’t mix