September 2020 leaderboard challenge

Announcing our September Challenge Leaderboard! :maple_leaf::trophy::droplet:

Everyone is welcome:

  • Water Fasting
  • OMAD
  • ADF
  • 5:2
  • Any other fasting protocol!!!

Be part of the online fasting check-ins!

Link for September 2020 full month accountability registration:

*If you can’t be part of the zoom calls, but you want to be part of the accountability leaderboard, send me a PM or email me at and I’ll give you some options! (Please comment down below or email me if I didn’t answer your PM as sometimes they get lost!)

**Anyone signed up for full September group will automatically be part of the September Leaderboard!

We will do daily check-ins in the Forum thread here for a month! :sparkling_heart:
Let’s kick some September butt!

Serious Fasters only, because of you commit, you need to be fully committed to checking in for the whole month!

4 months away from 2021, stop procrastinating! :partying_face:

Hold yourself accountable and see your name up on the leaderboard and compete against YOURSELF for a month! :fire::trophy:

No stress - everyone is a winner!

:trophy::maple_leaf: LEADERBOARD LIVE Link:


If you can’t make the Zoom calls but you would like to be held accountable for the month of September, you can pledge $50 USD as your accountability pledge and your name will get added to the live leaderboard.

CLICK HERE for to REGISTER for Leaderboard Accountability Virtual Check-Ins:


:maple_leaf::trophy::droplet: REAL-TIME LEADERBOARD LINK

Hello! Here I am lol, not sure where to do the virtual check in…but here I am…still plugging along :slight_smile:

Oops, I was not on FB at all, yesterday, and today, and I do not know how to do the check-in…sorry. Please help…

@Yasemin I can’t get the check-in link to work…it saids that it has expired. Day 1, I did Omad- Yesterday, ate