Ryan's Daily Fasting Journal

Intro : Hello everyone. My name is Ryan. I’ve been getting into health for the past couple years and really got into fasting through the Snake Diet guy on YouTube. I realize his methods and videos aren’t for everyone, but he’s the one that really got me into prolonged fasting so I look up to him to this day. Over the past couple months I went from one of my best physiques at about 150 lbs to a gross 170 lbs. I’ve just been a fatty eating everything in sight practically with no regards to the consequences, and I would have put on far more weight more than likely if I wasn’t as active as I am. Thankfully my highest weight ever in my life has been 175, and I haven’t gotten to there in a few years. I can pretty easily maintain a 150-155 weight for months as long as I don’t pig out, so after I’m cut for the summer I probably will plan to get back up to 150 or so. I haven’t thought that far ahead though yet to be honest.

Why : Why am I doing this? I am actually doing it for a plethora of reasons actually. The first reason, let me be completely honest with myself, is to get ripped. I wanna get under 140lbs for the first time in my life (and if I’m too lean there I can always gain a couple pounds back. I’m sure I’ll put on a little weight post-fast from water and everything anyways). I have a shorter timeframe to do this. I really wanna look good at my community pool, but more than anything I have to be this cut by the end of August for my beach trip with friends. Off of the weight loss topic alone, I also want to develop some serious self-discipline. I was extremely tough mentally in 2019 in my own opinion, as I had just gotten through a hard break-up. The longest fast I did was 6 and a half days. I plan to blow that out of the water today, no puns intended. I also want to develop a closer connection to myself and with God. Finally, I want to fully detoxify my body, and heal some mild skin issues I’ve been dealing with for the past few years on my face.

Long term goal: I long-term want to develop some serious self-development and discipline in all aspects of my life, and this is definitely one of the most serious ways to do that I believe. I also want to show my friends and family the power that fasting has, how quickly you can lose weight and how it can heal issues you have. More than anything I also want to somewhat keep the weight off, however I plan to build a ton of muscle once the fall comes around by lean bulking and getting strong. I also want to become more spiritually connected with God, which I’ve heard fasting helps.
Short Term Goal: It’s pretty funny to hear someone say their short term goal is to lose weight, as that’s usually someone’s long term goal. Yes, my short-term goal is to get either cut abs lean or get under 140 lbs. Whichever one comes first I plan to stop just after getting. I also have a short term goal of clearing up my face, detoxing, and moving to 2MAD after the fast is over. I also really wanna fit into my small t-shirts and have the mediums be big on me again.

Struggles I’ve faced in the past: I’ve been refraining from going out with friends or hanging out for the past couple months as even though I’m not even close obese I don’t feel comfortable with myself being this overweight and having blown up like this. I feel like I’m obese even when I’m not. There’s some clothes I have that don’t fit and it feels awful knowing I’m too big to fit into them, which is probably the worst. I’m also known as the gym-rat and nutrition fit guy around my friends so the fact that I blew up like this I absolutely hate. I’ve had comments from my family about my acne on my face I’ve gotten, and had a comment from my manager in regards to the red rash I have on my face due to inflammation (which I’ve noticed really flare up due to eating processed junk like cereal particularly). My mother also said my teeth look like they’ve gotten more yellow recently, and had even admitted that the fasting I did made them super white before. I also hope to help heal an issue with my elbow that I’ve gotten from overtraining, though I do plan to keep exercising plenty during this fast, just won’t overdo it on the cardio.

Game Plan: As I said, I AM going to fast either until I get under 140 or I complete 21 days fasted. I plan to maybe throw some dry fasting in at the tail end of the fast also to really get some autophagy revved up to the next level. After I’m done with the fast I plan to break it slowly with some bone broth, and then later in the day 3 eggs cooked in half a tablespoon of butter, less than 500 calories. The next day I’ll probably have some fish and eggs cooked in butter, just under 1000 calories, the third day probably some ground bison in beef tallow and eggs, under 1500 calories, and continue until I’m at 2500 calories by the end of the refeed week. I’ll then work on keeping my bodyweight maintained at that bodyweight so that I can make it my new bodyfat setpoint, and I won’t put on 10 pounds in 3 days at the beach at the end of August, or god forbid before. I’ll incorporate carbs back into the diet if I’m maintaining well at the end of July.

How do I feel right now? I feel a little bit scared to be honest of this daunting task. The longest I’ve ever fasted was 6 and a half days, so it’s kinda a big feat, and I just wanna make sure I can maintain after during the refeed. I am also excited though to FINALLY do this and I’m so happy I found this website as I think it’ll give me the extra motivation needed to finally kick myself in the ass and lose all the weight haha. I’M DOWN FOR THIS CHALLENGE!

How will I feel once I achieve my goal? It’ll be surreal. I’ve never had cut abs in my entire life, not once as I wasn’t a chubby kid but I wasn’t active either so I was just skinny as a child. I think I’ll be ecstatic, I can barely imagine it. On the downside I’m sure I’ll be slightly weaker in the gym, but that’s what to worry about later. I’ll gain my strength back through lean bulking and keeping a majority of my muscle during the fast due to fasting being anti-catabolic for muscle (as opposed to calorie deficits). I will feel extremely clean as well, fully detoxed with sound mind. Finally, I’ll feel like I have the discipline to take on the world. If I can get through this, I can get through anything.

Daily Affirmation: When you put your mind to something, you’re unstoppable. In the words of the great stoic Marcus Aurelius: “If it’s endurable, then endure it.”


Hey Ryan!
I have also been watching the Snake Diet guy on YouTube along with Dr. Goldhamer. I’ll be starting my fast tomorrow and am looking to go 30-40 days, (depending on how I’m feeling) or until I lose 100lbs, whichever comes first. I feel like we are in the same boat and I relate a lot with how you feel about your body. I’ve gained 30lbs since January and I feel miserable. Anyways, keep us updated, I’m interested to hear your results!


definitely will! Appreciate it man glad to also see a fellow snaker here!

Day 1 of my fast! I’m in it to win it, not going to quit!

How I feel: Slightly hungry, but it’s not actual hunger it’s mental hunger. My body knows what I’m about to try and attempt and there’s been plenty of times I’ve stopped before I even got started. This is NOT going to be one of those times! I also feel super determined. About 10 hours in right now, gonna go get a lifting session in burn off a lot of muscle glycogen so I’ll probably lose a ton of weight in just the first couple days.

Weight today: 172.2


Great job, @Acularis! Psyched to hear from you as you go through this process.

I relate a lot to what you’ve shared. 5 years ago I was fit AF. The combination of personal loss (my boyfriend passed away) and starting a PhD program has led to some weight gain over the years that has me super uncomfortable. Like you, I’m a normal BMI, but totally not at ease with how my body looks-- and I’m ready to change that.

I’ve been planning to fast for the next ~12 days, with perhaps a few dry fasting stints thrown in (also a fellow Snaker-- Cole is crass, but he knows some stuff), and hoping to do some lifting and easy cardio as well. I’ll check in to see how you’re doing!

Great job and good luck!


Day 2
How I feel: I feel happy about all the support this post has gotten! Love to see other fellow fasters and snakers it helps to keep me motivated! Last night I had a dream not about food, but about setting dates to break my fast early (my head playing tricks with me)! I’m glad I got through the first day cause usually the first day is where I quit so that I don’t quit midway (if you quit before you start did you really quit, hahaha). I know the next couple days are going to be the hardest, so I’m also weening myself off coffee and hope to throw in a 36 hour dry this monday! I also decided to do weigh-ins every 3 days, so I’m kinda breaking up the fasts into smaller goal blocks like others have suggested on here, therefore the next weigh-in is tomorrow! I also work as a bank teller, and I saw Cole talking about standing for calorie burn, so I’ve decided to stand the entire day!

Self-affirmations: I’ve got this!!! No fucking excuses this time! For an inspirational quote: “Suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret.” -Jocko Willink

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Nice job! Love the Jocko quote-- he’s one to get you motivated, for sure.

Funny coincidence, I woke up this morning and decided that today’s my last day on coffee. I helped myself to two cups-- one before and after mountain biking-- and I think that’s going to be it for me. Oddly enough, I feel like fasting helps to quit caffeine. But I may take that statement back when I inevitably have low energy days in my fast. :wink:

I agree, the start is the hardest part, so great job with day 1 and keeping up your determination!

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Thank you I really appreciate that! Yeah Jocko and David Goggins are two of my favorite people to get inspiration from! I’ve noticed for me fasting usually helps quitting coffee but if you go right from caffeine to dry fasting the withdrawals hit 10 times as hard so I’m just going to ween off of it by Sunday in preparation!

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Day 3
The fast has been having it’s ups and downs. I’m about 60 hours in right now, definitely on the right track. Surprised I weighed more than I thought I’d be by day 3 but that really shows how much I let myself go. I can definitely feel and see the detoxing in the mirror, even though I’ve been having 10-12 oz of coffee per day with my 3 liters of water + electrolyte mix. I saw in the mirror yesterday that parts of my face were getting red and kinda blotchy (apart from the dry skin issue I’ve had for a long time), but they look fine today. My head keeps trying to play tricks on me and tell me that I should end early or that my metabolism will go down (which I’m sure it will a bit but I can get it back up revving with exercise and food within 1-2 weeks I imagine. I’m also getting that empty feeling in my stomach which I’m trying my best to like and get accustomed to. I’m sure I’m getting close to the coasting phase, probably 1-2 more days and I’ll be there, can’t wait! Going to have some green tea tomorrow and get a workout in today and tomorrow then relaxing with a dry fast Monday! First phase of 3 days is done now onto the next.

Weight today: 166.6. Next weigh-in is tuesday morning!

Daily Motivation: “If a thing is consider humanly possible, consider it within your reach!” -Marcus Aurelius


Nice job, Ryan!

Sounds like you’re on the right track, and I have my fingers crossed you’re past the threshold and coasting soon. We had a similar start time it sounds like, and by the end of the day yesterday I was starting to feel the glycogen crash myself, and also going through potential renegotiation ideas. It’s funny though, if we can just sit with the discomfort without reacting to it, it always changes. Strong work thus far, you’re inspiring me to stay committed, and I really appreciate it!

Do you ever listen to Akira the Don’s Jocko remix album? That’s been a regular for running and lifting for me.