Ryan's 14 day water fast Journal

I tried doing a long 21 day extended water fast a year ago here, and ended up failing around day 3. I was embarrassed to come back here and post after failing but now I’m really determined to do this fast. I am currently not employed either so if I get tired and need to rest I can literally just lay down and/or sleep, which was my biggest fear (I used to work at a bank and you can’t be tired when handling other people’s money).
I plan to do a full 14 day water fast. I will be starting tomorrow night, Saturday September 3rd, and will go until Saturday, September 17th. I may break it in the morning on September 17th as opposed to night but it shouldn’t really matter.
I will be taking progress pics of every single day, as well as posting here every single day. I also plan to lift weights 4 times a week (I am a very muscular guy and it’s good to lift weights while water fasting to prevent muscular breakdown and preserve muscle), and well as doing walking and possibly doing a run 1-2 times a week. Outside of exercise I will be doing things involving music production and voice acting as well as getting errands done that I haven’t had the chance to focus on, along with resting hahaha. The last 2 days of the fast I plan to go dry to really wring out all the benefits of the fast.

Goals for this fast:
Lose around 20-30 pounds and become ripped.
Clear up face issues, and go into a more primal diet after the fast to build muscle back up and stay healthy.
Create a better not only with myself, but also with God.
Build more self discipline.
Feel better about myself and become more confident.

Will post here tomorrow night any updates, and then post morning weight every morning along with a progress pic every day here. Glad there’s a community here that can help keep me more accountable, and I think just writing this stuff down will keep me accountable.


Go Ryan!!! :fire::fire::fire: Welcome to the fasting fam!!!


You got this, hope you are keeping with your plan. :smile: