Rusty's journey

Just joined the forum today thought I would share my water fast journey…

This is the first fast I’ve ever done, I started June 31 and today July 6 marks day 37. Initially I started out with a goal of 7 days, but I didn’t find it difficult so I decided to take it one day at a time and go for 10 days, soon 10 days became 30 and now I have made the decision to end on Sunday making it 42 days.

SW 310, CW 265, GW 210. Male 48yrs

I’m finding the forum informative and encouraging. Thank you for all sharing. Looking forward to REFEED slowly and plan on OMAD and fairly strict KETO. I will be fasting again:)


Wow Rusty, this is amazing! Strong work, and good luck with your final few days to break the fast. Let us know how your refeed goes!

How often did you drink water? Did you drink distinguish water or regular spring water? I’m just looking for some information so I can be successful in my fasting.

I drank regular tap water when needed as needed. Did not count quantity or interval.