OMAD today

Today I bought a Keto salad but couldn’t finish it. Before I would eat my salad and some more. Lol but for some reason I don’t know I feel soOO sad, maybe things I hear or see form my step kids that don’t care to have a relationship with me after many years I took care of them Like a mom but ima not gonna let family life get to me. Sorry y’all I had to vent I guess… we’ll ima try to stay strong listen to positive music and relax myself and not think of negativity things that happen here at home at times and moving forward to relax myself.
Hope you all having a great day!


Sorry to hear that Georgia :pensive::sparkling_heart: I’m happy that you’re sticking with it and I hope you can rest and keep your mind busy and think of something positive!

Like how well you are doing on this journey!!

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